Weird brown/black lump on vagina..?

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Lilypad15 Thu 11-Oct-18 23:16:04

I noticed the other day that on the inside of my outer labia, there’s a weird lump. It seems to be on the surface, almost like a pimple but it’s hard and a brown, almost black colour. I tried squeezing it (probably not advisable lol) but it won’t pop and nothing comes out of it so I’ve ruled out an infected hair follicle, plus it’s not somewhere I would shave/wax. It’s not painful and I only know it’s there because I felt it purely by chance. I suffer quite badly with health anxiety so I’m trying to remain positive that it’s not something fatal! Any ideas what it might be?

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GiraffeObsessedBaby Thu 11-Oct-18 23:19:46

Most likely a bartholins cyst which are harmless. I've had one and it went away on its own. Always worth nipping to see your GP or practice nurse to get it checked though!

WLmum Thu 11-Oct-18 23:26:34

I get these from time to time. They do pop if you squeeze hard enough! The blood comes out and they go away. Nothing to worry about. I originally thought they were blood blisters maybe caused by friction(!) but I think above poster is right. No worries!

Lilypad15 Thu 11-Oct-18 23:29:16

Thanks for your reply smile I had a quick google but it doesn’t really look like what I’ve got. The lump I have is tiny, maybe a little bigger than a pin head. It’s on that smooth bit of skin between the inner and outer labia. Can a cyst be brown/black? I might give my doctor a call on Monday but don’t want to bother them if it’s something mundane that doesn’t need any treatment or anything

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ozymandiusking Thu 11-Oct-18 23:30:38

Go and see your GP and have it checked.

PippilottaLongstocking Thu 11-Oct-18 23:32:27

I had something similar that I thought were blood blisters caused by giving birth but someone told me they might be varicose veins!

QueenoftheNights Fri 12-Oct-18 08:58:33

They are common and nothing to worry about. It will go away. I've had them. It's just a tiny blood blister.

AnyFucker Fri 12-Oct-18 10:42:19

It's a varicosity, sorry smile

QueenoftheNights Fri 12-Oct-18 11:15:30

It WILL go. I've had a few and after a week or so they go.

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