Endometriosis... again!

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boofer1502 Wed 10-Oct-18 18:31:54

Okay so last few months I have been back and forth with my gp's with the horrible stabbing pains. I was put on every kind of contraception possible... today, I thankfully got to see a different gp, who whole heartedly listened to everything.. took me off my contraception straight away, did an internal examination there and then and suggested for now I take Tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid until my referral for pelvic scan and internal scan comes through. I'm grateful he's actually listened and taken steps towards getting me examined. I just wondered if anyone else has been on these tablets and if they helped at all with the extreme sharp horrible pulling feeling and if they made your periods any less heavier? He's said that if I have any further questions I'm more than welcome to call reception and ask for him personally to call back which is a huge relief!!!!

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AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 11-Oct-18 07:46:32

What you really need now from this person also is a gynae referral. Was this not mentioned?.

Neither scan may detect endometriosis if it is there; it is usually diagnosed through a keyhole surgery op called a laparoscopy. The tablets are all well and good but treating the symptoms solely does not at all address the cause.

This is a good website:-


AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 11-Oct-18 07:46:57

Would also suggest you keep a daily pain and symptom diary as this will give them clues as well.

boofer1502 Thu 11-Oct-18 08:16:42

@AttilaTheMeerkat yes he's made a referral for the gyno and has also mentioned the laparoscopy but there's a process before he'd like to build for the gyno to save the gyno doing all this and it taking longer than it needs too. He only wants the scan and internal scan doing to rule out any other possibilities like cysts ect.. which I agree with and I also have a different surgery happening shortly so I agreed to this route until my other surgery has healed. I just wondered if the pills he prescribed worked with the pain and the heaviness of the period 😁

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AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 11-Oct-18 09:09:09

Glad to read that this person has made a referral. This GP seems to be on your side here. The pills may help but they are really a short term measure.

Do let us know how you get on.

Honey2468 Thu 11-Oct-18 18:47:19

Yes, these pills will help with the stabbing pains. They don’t reduce bleeding for me but definitely help with the pain

boofer1502 Fri 12-Oct-18 16:14:12

@Honey2468 thank you will soon find out won't I. I'm a bit weary of taking pills but if they work then I will!
@AttilaTheMeerkat yes he's very much on my side and I'm quite lucky as I've heard it's sometimes takes years and years for women to get a diagnosis or someone actually listen!

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molinski Wed 07-Nov-18 11:12:58

@boofer1502 I had both tablets. Mef made me very sick. Tranexamic made it a bit lighter but pain still there. Could take it or leave it. How did you find them if you've taken them yet? Hope you're feeling better x

boofer1502 Wed 07-Nov-18 14:01:48

@molinski I have been taking them and like you the mef has made me feel very nauseous and the others haven't really changed the heaviness of my period. I've just been in for a US pelvis scan and nothing was seen on there but my gp said they not totally reliable. Will get back to go to discuss what's next! Hope you're okay too x

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molinski Wed 07-Nov-18 17:02:17

@boofer1502 ahhh no sorry to hear they didn't work miracles for you either! Thank you. Hopefully your GP can get you seen quickly and you get can exact answers. It's so frustrating isn't it and everything seems to take ten thousand years!! X

boofer1502 Wed 07-Nov-18 17:12:40

@molinski it's so sucky... this gp I'm seeing now though has been fantastic I can't argue with that. He seems to know more about it then the previous one. So fingers crossed we can both get there. How long have you had it?

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molinski Wed 07-Nov-18 18:01:36

@boofer1502 I'm glad you have found someone who is more clued up. That definitely must help. Are you in uk or us? I have had symptoms off and on for 10 years. Most recent flare up that led to all this investigation and eventual diagnosis started December 2016. Missed a period after having bad flu and then completely downhill from then. May 2017 I went to gp and they suspected ectopic so did internal scan and saw nothing. So put it down to stress. Went back November December January and March 2018. Diagnostic lap on 19th Sept x

Conseulabananahammock Wed 07-Nov-18 18:04:34

Just been diagnosed with bad adenomyosis . Feel for you on the hideous pains as mine are debilitating. Its been going on 2 years for me. Been sterilized and had an ablation, tried every pill, menefemic acid. Nothing worked. Took them this long to agree to mri me which is when it was picked up a few weeks ago. Have an appointment on Monday to discuss hysterectomy confused

molinski Wed 07-Nov-18 18:08:21

@Conseulabananahammock love your username, Princess!
Sorry to hear your also having a shit time. Out of interest do you know why they do mri rather than more surgery etc? Very new to all this and want to be very informed on all possible treatments or investigation techniques so I can compile this info to use when in discussion with my consultant etc!

Conseulabananahammock Wed 07-Nov-18 18:20:31

Haha thanks.
I initially had an ultrasound. But it cams back clear. One of the consultants tried to dismiss me and say it was ibs. However a specialist became involved and due to the severity of my symptoms (on morphine for the pain) she requested the mri where it was picked up. Drs seem all too fast to dismiss womens issues i find. I have struggled for a long time with this, palmed off left right and centre. The only reason i got referred this time was my symptoms mirrored cancer.

Conseulabananahammock Wed 07-Nov-18 18:21:08

Meant to add i really hope you get listened to and sorted soon .

molinski Wed 07-Nov-18 18:29:32

@Conseulabananahammock bless you sounds like you've been on a bit of a rollercoaster with your journey! I agree Women’s issues seem to be brushed under the carpet a little bit. I'm pleased a specialist stepped in for you and you had someone fighting your corner a bit more. Thank you - when I get a bee in my bonnet over something I am quite persistent and in this case proved quite a useful trait but I have a feeling I will very quickly become even more of a smaller fish in the ocean despite now having a diagnosis!

Ellalovescake Thu 15-Nov-18 14:02:15

Boofer1502, this is a strange question, but what part of the country are you in? Only because I had a really similar experience to you and I genuinely think we may be at the same practice because all other doctors I saw were useless, the male doctor was the only one who would help!

boofer1502 Mon 19-Nov-18 14:52:02

@Ellalovescake I'm in Lincolnshire. It's so bizarre that the male doctors knew more about this than all the female doctors! I e heard this a few times to be fair.. must be a thing!

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