Hymen tags/possible tearing?

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Rosedale Fri 05-Oct-18 12:43:53

Hi everyone, NC but regular here (Korean lady, hedge shaggers etc...)

Bit of an embarrassing one, does anyone have any experience with torn/swollen hymen remains? The past year or so I've noticed some days the opening to my vagina is sore, swollen and seems to have skin tag type skin protruding, but the actual tags themselves seem to have little to no feeling. Today is one of those days but I've not had sex this week so friction from OH is not to blame. DS6 was 9lb 3oz and I had several 3rd degree tears including the back where today's protrusion is.
I know everything gets stretched out after child birth but this is causing me discomfort, would a doctor be able to help with this at all? Maybe some type of surgery? It feels like such a trivial issue and I feel a bit silly seeing someone about it. I have a smear coming up, but it's not really something I can mention to the nurse as that's not what the appointment is for.

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