Blood in discharge

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SausageSimon Wed 26-Sep-18 09:51:59

I have had a few bits of blood in my discharge and some pain so I had a scan and they said all is ok.
I also had swabs taken to check for injections and all was fin.

The blood is becoming more frequent (but still a small amount, just finding it more often) and I have been told I can't have a smear as I'm not old enough. I'm 6 months away from being the right age which is frustrating.

Has anyone here had the same issue?

I have a doctors appointment next week for something else so I'll mention it then but thought I'd ask here for now!

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bedtimestories Wed 26-Sep-18 10:16:19

I'd asked for a second opinion

SausageSimon Wed 26-Sep-18 12:26:29

I think that's what I'll have to request!
My health has taken such a nose dive lately sad

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bedtimestories Wed 26-Sep-18 13:23:16

Hope you get better soonthanks

SausageSimon Wed 26-Sep-18 18:40:11

Thank you! I hope so too. I just hope it isn't serious whatever is wrong!

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bedtimestories Wed 26-Sep-18 18:53:14

Let me know when you find out

Cati482 Wed 26-Sep-18 21:56:18

Ask them to check you for a cervical ectropian. It’s when the cells of the cervix grow outside of the cervix and as they’re more delicate they can sometimes bleed. It’s completely benign and nothing to worry about if that’s what it is. I had this when I was taking oral contraceptives, I’d often get a small amount of blood in my discharge but after being checked over, they said it was nothing to worry about. Hope that helps and that you get your second opinion soon xxx

SausageSimon Wed 26-Sep-18 22:18:01

Thank you very much for your post, I haven't heard of that before! I have just had a quick read about it online and will make sure to mention it.
I'm hoping to get an appointment on Monday as I don't want to wait for my other!

After my scan I was relieved and thought it would be the end of it, but now I've had it a few times more I'm unsure again and worrying!

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SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 22:30:06

Anymore experiences of this anyone? I've had small amounts 4 days in a row now which is the worst it has been and I'm worried. Just been to the toilet now and when I wiped there was a larger amount sad

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SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 22:30:42

Didn't even notice all of the typos in my OP 😩

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SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 22:50:52

Anyone? sad

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Cati482 Thu 27-Sep-18 22:56:34

Are you wiping quite hard or quite high up? Sorry to ask such a personal question, but you could be aggravating whatever the problem is by frequent toilet trips and rough wiping. I know I did when I had the same issue as I was so desperate to see if it had stopped but ultimately I was making it worse.

Have you managed to get an appointment for Monday? I know you must be so worried, it’s not easy having to wait for an appointment. Could you maybe try a local GUM clinic? Xx

SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 23:11:25

Definitely not an issue with wiping cause I just wiped gently (I'd forgotten about the blood!) and I looked and there was a lot of dark bloody discharge which was fairly thick and gloopy.

I'm going to try and see if they can see me tomorrow after work now this has happened.

I am getting quite worried as whenever I look for reasons none of them are possibilities for me!

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SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 23:11:55

What did it end up being for you, if you don't mind me asking please?

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HoleyCoMoley Thu 27-Sep-18 23:15:25

How old are you, I hope you get it sorted out and feel better soon.

SausageSimon Thu 27-Sep-18 23:25:14

Hi Holey, I'm 24. Around 8 months until I'm 25 where I'll be able to have a smear. I think this is playing on my mind a little.

I'm struggling to see what else it could be other than something sinister but I suppose that's the conclusion you tend to make when worried

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CrispAddict77 Fri 28-Sep-18 14:41:14

Hi, sorry you’re going through this. It is stressful every time you go to the toilet, worrying if there’ll be blood. I’m another one who had a cervical ectropian. My ultrasound scan and blood tests were fine, which discounted things like cancer, but when I had an internal (gp used speculum to look inside) she could see that I had a patch of bleeding on my cervix. I was referred under the 2ww and had it dealt with using a silver nitrate treatment.

My bloody discharge tended to follow sex but could come on it’s own too. I have had treatment for two ectropians over the years. I also used to get brown discharge before I had my ds, I was told this was due to an imbalance in my progesterone levels. The pill had disguised this, but I’d come off it in order to conceive.

My advice to you would to ask for an internal examination by your gp, to just look at your cervix. Good luck.

Widget123 Mon 01-Oct-18 20:07:57

Hi Sausage, if you are experiencing these symptoms they aren't allowed to deny you a smear by law so you need to go to a different doctor and demand one. They won't deny someone with symptoms one for being 8 months off their birthday not a chance. Not unless they're the most useless doctor on earth. You say you had swabs to check for infections, it's basically the same thing it's just for a different infection so be pushy and tell them you need to be checked. Good luck and I'm sure you'll be fine smilexxx

SausageSimon Mon 01-Oct-18 21:35:24

Thank you for your message Widget, I've been told it by two doctors now and the second said even if I go private it'll go to the same lab and be discarded.
Nobody else seems to have heard of this so it's quite strange!

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Widget123 Mon 01-Oct-18 21:40:19

This might reassure you xx

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