SPD in pregnancy #2

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jadeywadeyyox Thu 20-Sep-18 19:51:29

I had SPD in my first pregnancy, which was almost 6 years ago, and it was horrible (it also went of for almost a year after giving birth).
I had it from about 5 months and it wasnt that bad, but when I was 7 months pregnant, I twisted fast to turn around, I went CRACK, and the 2 months after that, it was absolutely agonising. Made me scream in pain as it was so sudden and strong, I sometimes even lost control of my legs and collapsed.
I'm 9 weeks in this pregnancy, after a mmc in April.
But I'm feeling it already, and it's scaring me because I feel like I'm actually going to end up in a wheelchair this time 😢

Anyone had this??
Any advice?

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mumtothebabes123 Sat 22-Sep-18 12:43:02

Go on the pelvic partnership website
Do it now
They have a helpline
Ring it and leave a message!!!

They saved my life TBH
I was basically left disabled from spd and told nothing could be done
But after ringing them and getting the right treatment I am on the road to recovery x

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