Sore armpit and breast

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KittyKat885 Thu 20-Sep-18 13:55:16

I rarely drink tea or coffee. Never really liked hot drinks.
My boobs are very very small. A- small B
So I always wear padded bras. Maybe all the years of padding and underwire has made my left breast a bit fed up.
Not sure if I've mentioned this already, but again might help others in the future who read this, I've had a terrible year so far stress and anxiety wise. And I've heard anxiety can cause pain in one or both breasts. So could be down to that...
Im almost 33 so it could be down to getting older too I guess.

I just really hope this thread can offer some reassurance to others. While I was waiting for my breast clinic appointment I was a nervous wreck. I was sick with worry. And couldn't find many others on here with the same symptoms, so it made me worry even more!

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willowsmumsy Thu 20-Sep-18 07:24:28

Do you drink a lot of tea or coffee? Caffeine can contribute to breast pain.

helips Thu 20-Sep-18 07:21:42

Another thing I’ve started doing is wearing a sleep bra to bed and that has helped a lot.

Hope your pain eases off soon Kitty, my doctor says evening primrose oil can take up to 8 weeks to kick in so bear that in mind. I wonder if all these strange pains are due to peri menopause?

KittyKat885 Thu 20-Sep-18 00:42:30

Helips, mine is still hurting, but having the ultrasound and hearing that my armpit and breast look totally normal and healthy is a huge relief!
Weird all the harmless pains our bodies can have. I'm still suspicious, it has to be something...but I'm more than thankful it's nothing sinister!
Also trying the primrose oil and hoping for the best!
I can safely say mine is not down to exercise...
I just hope this thread helps others in the future going through this pain to feel a little more relaxed while they wait for appointments.

Also worth noting, the nurse at the breast clinic told me it's very rare for breast pain without any other symptoms to be a sign of anything serious.

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helips Wed 19-Sep-18 16:15:46

I had the exact same symptoms as you...the doctor couldn’t find any lumps but referred me to the breast clinic. Like you I was incredibly anxious, fearing the worst!

Anyway, the clinic did a mammogram and an ultrasound and it was all clear. The doctor said it was probably a combination of sore breast tissue around the time of my period (breast tissue goes into the armpit) and muscular pain from working out (I go to the gym a lot!). Anyway, I still get this pain now and again but not as bad. I think the anxiety actually made the pain worse and once I’d been checked out I thought about it less so it stopped hurting. It does still feel sore around the time of my period, as does my left breast...I’ve started taking evening primrose oil so hopefully that will help. Just wanted to share my story so that if anyone has the same thing hopefully this will make you worry less (but do still get it checked out!!)

KittyKat885 Wed 19-Sep-18 16:07:19

I'm updating this for anyone in the future who might be suffering with the same symptoms.
My feeling ranged from, burning, dull ache, stabbing, heavy feeling in my left breast that went up into my left armpit. Some days all symptoms would disappear entirely.
Some days it could be felt only in my armpit. This has been going on for over a month.
No lumps could be found on inspection. Breast felt swollen but didn't look red or swollen.
I was worried sick. Today I had my breast clinic appointment and my scan was clear. Nothing sinister at all. The nurse said many women experience inexplicable breast pain in one or both breasts.

So anyone who has these symptoms please do get them checked out by a doctor but try not to worry too much. I hope my experience offers you some reassurance!

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KittyKat885 Sat 15-Sep-18 12:36:47

I hope you feel better soon!!
Thank you for your reply smile

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Handbaghag Sat 15-Sep-18 09:17:52

Sorry OP, I'm off sick at the mo and didn't read the thread properly 🙄.
The breast clinic are the experts and will hopefully reassure you. Fibrous tissue is normal btw.

KittyKat885 Sat 15-Sep-18 01:36:18

Yes I've been to the GP already and three separate doctors have felt and said they can't feel a lump. Just some thickened tissue.
I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Wednesday and I'm absolutely terrified.

I think the pressure of the roll on just alerted me to the pain and wasn't necessarily the cause...

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Handbaghag Fri 14-Sep-18 23:00:35

If one of your glands was up for some reason, maybe the pressure of the roll on every day has continued to irritate it. I don't know, but I know it could just as well be something small like that. Could you go and see your GP Monday?

KittyKat885 Fri 14-Sep-18 21:47:04

Thanks for your reply. I've always used roll on but maybe it's time to switch to spray.
It's only in my left breast, but that's not to say that it's not a result of the deodorant...

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Handbaghag Fri 14-Sep-18 20:40:20

My husband gets this. When he stops using roll on deodorant it goes away

KittyKat885 Fri 14-Sep-18 15:39:56

Hi everyone,

I've been having pain in my left underarm and breast for just over a month. The pain kind of radiates from my breast into my armpit.
I first noticed the pain when applying roll on deodorant. I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Wednesday.
I've seen three different doctors and all of them have said they can't feel a lump. The last doctor said he felt some fibrous tissue...?! I'm terrified. The pain in my breast goes from an ache, to a stabbing pain, to burning, to almost nothing some days...

Anyway, I've been suffering crippling health anxiety ever since I first felt the pain. I've got myself so worked up that the stress/fear has actually made me vomit.
My son was at his fathers on the weekend and I spent the entire time in bed, terrified and trying desperately to force myself to sleep. I was basically paralysed by the anxiety.

Has anyone ever had pain in their under arm and breast and it turned out to be something serious?

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