Cyclical breast pain? Unsure

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PookieDo Sun 09-Sep-18 23:48:29

I’ve been checked twice by 2 GP’s who brushed off not being able to feel anything obvious. Neither can I lump wise except for 2 months I am having 2 weeks of severe breast pain and tenderness a month. I’ve gone and got all new bras. Not helped. It’s one side more than the other and it’s keeping me awake, stopping me from doing things as it hurts so much and is so uncomfortable. It burns and stings and shoots and stabs and now I have tender patches everywhere, when I move around it feels like my breast is a bag of rocks. It all looks fine.

It’s making me feel anxious and depressed.
I’m worried that something is wrong and not been investigated as this has never been an issue like this before. I am going to book another appointment but last time they fobbed me off with anti depressants rather than make me feel better or help me with how to reduce the pain

If it’s cyclical, anything I can do to help it?

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Aldilogue Mon 10-Sep-18 01:10:59

I have/ had the same. I take magnesium and evening primrose oil before bed and if it's really bad take EPO three times a day for a few months then it will kick in. It really helps but takes a while. In the meantime you can use a topical anti inflammatory cream and heat packs at night. Don't use cream and heat pack at the same time tho. Good luck.

clairec87 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:36:09

I've had this too op, it's really not nice. My doctor diagnosed me with fibro cystic breasts and advised evening primrose oil and star flower oils to help with it. I started taking a general women's health tablet which had both in and it's worked wonders!

PookieDo Mon 10-Sep-18 19:50:49

Did you have any further testing?

I’ve also noticed that I feel like I am getting a cold when it happens sometimes, yesterday they hurt really bad and I felt ill with a sore throat and today they hurt less and I feel better. The pain is not always consistent! When I wake up in the AM it’s all quite ok. Then as day goes on and I move around the jiggle seems to irritate it. But strapping them in also doesn’t help!

I will try these things. Am keeping a diary

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KittyKat885 Fri 14-Sep-18 03:58:01

I'm having a similar thing. No obvious lumps (I've been checked by 3 doctors) but I have pain in my left breast. The pain changes from dull ache to stabbing pain, to really tender to the touch. It radiates up to my armpit. Some days the pain is completely gone. Ive had this for just over a month.
I also get a sore throat with it some days, and the next day sore throat is gone but great pain still there.

I have an appointment at the breast clinic on Wednesday. I'll update you on what they say, hopefully it's nothing serious and will reassure you.

thefirstmrsdewinter Fri 14-Sep-18 04:14:26

Has anyone cut out caffeine to deal with breast pain? I had an auntie who had cystic breasts who swore by it. I've only had intermittent pain and a clear mammo/us so never got as far as that.

PookieDo Fri 14-Sep-18 07:18:49

Wow yes let me know - sounds very much like me!

I happen to professionally know a GP and I asked her about my symptoms and she said she thinks hormonal

Both are painful hot and swollen now - it’s like being pregnant, I have sore throat and a cold. I had a migraine too. Still no period and it’s been 14 long days of this Breast discomfort

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PookieDo Fri 14-Sep-18 07:25:33

Also I started EPO - how much can I take? I Have 1000mg tablets and it says 1 a day!

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PookieDo Sun 16-Sep-18 00:04:23

17 days now of what feel like pregnancy boobs and my period is now late.

Except i got sterilised in Feb this year and haven’t had sex since March and had periods since then

I have a really stinking cold which isn’t helping me either. So. Fed. Up

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