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RumCustard Tue 28-Aug-18 07:57:12

I've been told I've got Candida and must cut out sugar. Help!

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Madagascar1997D Sat 01-Sep-18 05:43:37

Try to use canesten external cream. It usually helps a lot.

dudsville Sat 01-Sep-18 05:56:48

I did a special diet for a few months. I didn't cut out wine but otherwise stuck to it. It cleared and I lost a little weight! But, more to the point, poor you. Is it bad?

RumCustard Sat 01-Sep-18 06:49:13

@Madagascar1997D I've not got any signs of vaginal thrush

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RumCustard Sat 01-Sep-18 06:55:53

@dudsville I gave up alcohol for 3 months and lost no weight so this time I've given up anything with sugar, week 1 and lost 1/2 stone. Have gone completely cold turkey! I had been feeling miserable with a load of health issues and thought it was time to have a thorough look at life. With the help of blood tests, GP, kinesiologist and Physio I've changed my eating and drinking habits. I'm feeling differently better. Thank you. Mind if I ask how yours was diagnosed?

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dudsville Sat 01-Sep-18 07:04:56

I'm afraid I wasn't properly diagnosed. This was about 8 years ago. A colleague who was a nurse had had it and recognised the signs in me and lent me a book on it. I recognised the symptoms in myself and followed the diet. If I remember rightly I also took some supplements for a few months but I can't recall what they were, just stuff I googled and could get from holland and Barratt. Your weight loss for one week was amaxing, but more importantly, glad you're feeling better.

RumCustard Sat 01-Sep-18 07:54:24

Thank you @dudsville and glad you're feeling better too. Did you experience die off or any symptoms getting worse? I was told my back pain would get worse .... last night I was in agony.

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dudsville Sat 01-Sep-18 10:52:47

I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds rough. I don't recall much about the actual symptoms, except my skin was in a terrible con Ditton and I seriously feared I had chronic fatigue syndrome (needing a rest after a shower, etc.). I'd been to the Gp. They were adamant I was depressed and i clearly wasnt so I'd given up on them. When my colleague introduced me to the idea that it was candida and I could treat it myself away from the GPS I was thrilled - that's more what I recall of the event. That and gorging on massive salads in order to feel full!

dudsville Sat 01-Sep-18 10:56:22

I'd forgotten the notion of "die off". It's so disgusting isn't it!

Madagascar1997D Sat 01-Sep-18 11:46:46

Some upsetting symptoms of Candida are vaginal discharge, itchiness, in some cases the itchiness can get very bad and you feel like cutting the kitty the off. (If that makes sense). You may or may not present the symptoms from the very beginning, they can appear in time, you can always take some tests to figure out if you have it. It’s good to treat it as it can lead to more dangerous stuff.

RumCustard Sat 01-Sep-18 12:20:01

@Madagascar1997D hopefully I'll swerve that! I've had it years ago .... maybe it didn't clear up!

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Madagascar1997D Sat 01-Sep-18 12:44:12

I hope that too :*

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