Period change and spotting

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Mariette18 Fri 24-Aug-18 20:44:10

About 5 months ago I took the morning after pill. Since then my periods have become lighter (not extremely light but lighter than it is usually such as only 2 full days of bleeding then lightening off very quickly instead of 3 days of bleeding then lightening off slowly). Then this month around the time of ovulation (mid cycle) I felt strong pains on one side and then I realised I was bleeding and it was more than a little spotting but not enough to fill a tiny pad. When I was younger I did have ovulation spotting but I haven’t had it for a while now. I’ve booked a doctors appointment but it’s not for 2 weeks and I’m panicking thinking it’s something really serious because I have quite bad anxiety. Has anything experienced anything similar. (I’m 23 if that’s of any help). Im considering it might be pcos because I have acne and hairs on my chin , stomach and other places not so common for a woman and my mum had it but I’m not sure if these are symptoms of it because my periods are regular.

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