Can't sleep...Need to wee... should I see dr?

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tinkerbellone Mon 20-Aug-18 17:30:46

I could be - I'm 43...
oh dear my fanny is drying up shock

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endofthelinefinally Mon 20-Aug-18 09:08:14

Are you perimenopausal?
I had this and after months of terrible pain and sleepless nights I saw a specialist privately. I needed oestrogen pessaries.
Problem solved.

tinkerbellone Mon 20-Aug-18 09:04:48

I went on Friday and nurse did a urine dip test and it came up negative. She's sent it to the lab.
I won't know until wed. I've brought some cystitis powders and had them; drink lots of water; emptied badder etc.
It's a bit better but still not nice.
Hope they grow something out my wee at the lab! Lol

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PlateOfBiscuits Fri 17-Aug-18 12:36:24

I always get it worse when I lie down too, and worse when I lie on my left side. Maybe because:
a) I’m thinking about nothing so more aware of it
b) maybe all the organs squish up a bit and push on the bladder?

Hope you got some sleep. Drinking lots today sounds like a good plan.

tinkerbellone Fri 17-Aug-18 03:22:40

Thank you. I will try to drink more tomorrow. It's horrible isn't it...
It's worse when I lie down.
Thank you for the advice xx

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PlateOfBiscuits Fri 17-Aug-18 02:54:17

See your GP in case it’s an infection.

Something that helped me (but was a pain a first) was suggested by my urologist: drink and wee every 3 hours but stop drinking at 7pm. Also, sometimes it’s worth sitting on the loo for a bit longer to see if you can do a second wee - but don’t force it.

You have my sympathies!!

tinkerbellone Fri 17-Aug-18 02:43:36

Past few weeks I've been waking in the night to wee, two or three times. As soon as I lie down ! So annoying. Tonight I keep needing to wee. Even after I've been. I have low tummy pain. I just ache and Im so tired but can't sleep because body is telling me I need to go to the toilet!
Should I see a doctor or just drink lots and hope it clears?

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