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Fairydust17 Wed 01-Aug-18 16:22:18

Today I went in for a routine smear test hate going but forced myself. My daughter is now 9 months and have been having a bit of pain and discomfort still to make matters worse. Anyway the nurse was so lovely but couldn’t do i, I was in a lot of pain and she couldn’t see all of it. She suggested that I book to see the doctor.
I came out and cried lol and just feel so s##t !!! Now I have to go through it all again. Anyone else had this problem or just me.

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redshoes2017 Sat 04-Aug-18 23:49:20

Maybe ask your doctor if you can take a sedative like diazepam to help relax you next time?? I've had a similar experience. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for the nurse/doctor. Good luck for next time and well done for going in the first place. X

OrangePeels Sat 04-Aug-18 23:51:34

You clearly know how important it is so good on you for getting it sorted. It’s a bit shitty that you’ll have to go through it again. Maybe ask for a mild relaxant first? You should be able to sort it through the receptionist. Good luck!

Fairydust17 Wed 08-Aug-18 22:37:20

Thanks for your support. Got it booked for 3 weeks time just trying to forget about it for now. Those are very good ideas only thing is I will be driving to the appointment and dropping my daughter off to a f

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Fairydust17 Wed 08-Aug-18 22:39:39

* friends on the way so not sure mixing them both is a good idea. I may ring and say I need a longer appointment as I know they are always super tight on time least then I know it’s not being rushed.

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redshoes2017 Thu 09-Aug-18 20:05:23

Is there anyone that can take you as obviously taking a sedative when driving is a no no 🙈. Forgot to mention , I always ask for an appointment first thing in the morning so that I can get it over with otherwise I find my self dwelling on during the day.

duckyfuzzz Thu 09-Aug-18 20:39:00

Ask for a small speculum. That definitely helps me - the standard ones are quite a lot bigger. I also made sure I kept chatting away to the nurse, total garbage but I needed the distraction.

FadedRed Thu 09-Aug-18 20:46:21

Having a full bladder and/or bowel can make it difficult for the nurse to see your cervix, so try to avoid these.
Putting your fists under your lower back can also help.
Hope it all goes well next time, Op.'

Fairydust17 Mon 03-Sep-18 21:13:11

So today was the day for round 2 I seriously thought I was going to pass out with fear.
Came out so proud of myself lol didn’t hurt no where near as much as last time. Hopefully the test gives clear results and doesn’t have to be repeated.
I was given antibiotics as I was inflamed and the doctor wants to examine me again in couple weeks. Not feeling as anxious about it this time 🤞

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redshoes2017 Tue 04-Sep-18 09:58:00

That's brilliant, well done you for being brave enough to go back x

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