Mini pill..stressed!!

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JTK90 Fri 27-Jul-18 09:28:34

Hi! So I was on the depo injection for around 5 years since having my son. OH and I want to start trying for a baby in the near future so thought I'd switch onto the pill for a bit so I'd start having periods and just to get the depo out of my system. I had to go on the mini pill as I have migraines so combined pill is a no go. I've been on the mini pill for around 5 months now. I had a period about a month into taking it which was a normal period lasting around 5-7 days. I had another period last week which lasted around 9 days. It stopped two days ago, but I've woken this morning with the heaviest period ever!!

This is really stressing me out as I have a holiday coming up and really don't want this to last or to be unpleasantly surprised with yet more bleeding while I'm away. I didn't have a single period in the 5 yrs I was on depo so maybe I'm overreacting?

I'm thinking I should maybe stop taking the pill until after my holiday?

Has anyone had similar issues with the mini pill?

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