Passing tissue a month after c-section

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Shain Wed 25-Jul-18 23:05:10

Hi there,
So I had an emergency c-section one month ago (24th June) and I had the normal recovery and healing problems, i.e. tenderness, swelling, bruising, weeping wound, all of which have gone down significantly or disappeared completely now. I also had the normal blood loss post pregnancy (yay for the month long period...) which finally came to an end a couple of days ago. Anyway this morning I noticed that I had started to bleed again, only this time it's different. It's bright red thin blood, not dark red mucousy discharge like what I was having before. There was a lot of it, I even took pictures of it running down my leg before I turned the shower on, to show my doctor (sorry tmi). Fast forward to this afternoon, when I went to the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and found that there was a piece of skin, and I do mean skin, tissue like matter, not a clot, the size of a 5p piece, on my pad. Could this be dead tissue coming away from the internal scarring from my c-section? Is this normal? What about the blood? I'm going to make a doctors appt tomorrow because I'm so worried something could be wrong, and I don't want to risk my chances of having more children. Any information or reassurance would be amazingly appreciated!! X

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mineofuselessinformation Wed 25-Jul-18 23:09:50

If you're not feeling ill, that's a good sign.
What you have described could be retained tissue. You need to see your GP, and if they're sensible they will refer you for a scan (or be able to give you a sensible explanations as to why not).
I hope you get it sorted out, but do remember, as long as you are feeling well in yourself it's probably not serious.

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