Vaginal pessaries for pelvic floor support, any experiences??

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imLucy0k Sat 21-Jul-18 12:24:48

Hi, I can't see this question anywhere else so Please do direct me on if I'm repeating something already covered.
Has anyone used a 'single use' pessary for exercise? I've recently trialled a few and although they weren't quite right, I finally came across Contam pessaries which originate from Germany I think. Anyway, it was totally successful, I was able to run and do STAR JUMPS without peeing! However when I removed it after getting home, I started bleeding a little. The customer service lady said this is really common, however I've carried on bleeding and it seems to have turned into a period. I've got an implant so have fairly irregular cycles so I can't tell if the bleeding is normal or not. I don't have any excessive pain or other discomfort than mild cramp so I'm assuming it's just unfortunate timing. However, there doesn't seem to be a lot of advice out there so I was hoping to get some other ladies experiences before I faff making a GP appointment. I HAVE to exercise and don't know what else to try. Pelvic Floor exercises just aren't cutting the mustard I'm afraid!!!

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