IUD and Periods

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missrabbitismyidol Sun 08-Jul-18 22:24:39

I had the IUD put in about 5 weeks ago. My usual cycle length is 26 days. My first cycle after having it fitted was 21 days. I'm now unsure what to expect. I'm now on day 23 and no period as yet. I am a bit concerned as I had to go to the walk in clinic last week as I had a sharp pain in my abdomen that wouldn't go away, they ruled out an appendicitis and I was told to take painkillers and go back if it gets worse. It eased off but I went to my GP who has taken some swabs to check for infection. I've been cramping a lot the past few days and have had a bit of spotting. I keep thinking my period is starting but then nothing. I also have a very tender spot in my abdomen which feels quite firm, near where my ovary is I guess. I'm a bit worried that the IUD might have failed and that I could be pregnant. Obviously, the IUD is very effective, but having had it only fitted recently I'm just a bit worried, especially taking in to account the pains I've been having.

Has anyone else had anything similar? And how did the IUD affect your cycle lengths? Were they a bit all over the place at first?

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SarahBeeney Sun 08-Jul-18 22:30:08

Hello. I don't remember having any pains as such. However,I had one period and then they completely stopped.Welcome relief after years of horrendous periods.
It can take at least 6 months to settle down.

daisyboooo Sun 08-Jul-18 22:44:54

I had the mirena coil fitted a couple of years ago ( for severe period pains which I couldn't cope with ) I remember having period type cramps consistently for a good couple of month just after it was fitted but within 6 months it settled down. I considered having it taken out as I was convinced it had moved and wasn't working - but low & behold within 6 months it was a life saver! I have infrequent light periods still with a bit of cramping when I have period but it's changed my life for the better, absolutely no regrets now : ) I've probably had approx 5 mini periods in the last 2 years.

missrabbitismyidol Sun 08-Jul-18 22:47:03

Sorry, I should have said that it's the copper coil I had fitted. I know it can make periods heavier and more painful which, while not ideal, I can live with. I didn't get the Mirena as I don't do well with hormonal contraception.

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missrabbitismyidol Mon 09-Jul-18 09:27:52

Still no period. I've ordered some pregnancy tests just to make sure. A friend has mentioned that the IUD can cause benign ovarian cysts so it's possible it's that. Hopefully it's just my body getting used to it and my period will arrive soon.

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