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Private hospital recommendation- ovarian cyst removal

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Mumsanna79 Thu 05-Jul-18 12:35:26

I have had a slowly growing ovarian cyst over 5 years now, without symptoms. But now it is causing discomfort, so had decided it needs to go and if possible with keyhole surgery.
Have been researching private hospitals and consultants, but cannot decide, and I would rather go to someone recommended to me.
Did any of you ladies have a good experience with a private consultant for ovarian cyst removal? I would like to hear your stories.
I am in Royal Tunbridge Wells, but happy to travel to London.

QueenoftheNights Thu 05-Jul-18 13:34:41

any of the gynaes at the King Edward V11, Marylebone is a good place to start looking.

kitbabingley Thu 05-Jul-18 13:46:13

My surgery is being done at a private facility that takes some NHS work, I am an NHS patient but I can't fault my care and altogether experience so far. I'm at the Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury.

Mumsanna79 Thu 05-Jul-18 15:08:26

Thank you both, I much appreciate your reply. I will look into these two Hospitals.

Twotabbycats Sat 07-Jul-18 23:19:47

Might be too far but I am under a wonderful gynae at the Nuffield in Guildford for endometriosis - Mr Butler-Manuel.

theselegswermad Mon 09-Jul-18 05:27:03

I second Mr Butler-Manuel I saw him 10years ago for ovarian Cyst removal and Adhesion removal . He has a fantastic caring manner

takenitall Mon 09-Jul-18 05:36:40

I reccommend using the Weymouth hospital in Marylebone.
There is a nice gynaecologist Angus Mcindoe who may be able to help with this. He does work on Harley St I think it's number 23.

I have used lots of private hospitals and consultants but just feel the quality of care is far superior in London vs other places in the Uk.

The Weymouth is a lovely hospital and it's not too large or pretentious so it's a comfortable experience. They are brilliant.

Mumsanna79 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:03:29

Twotabbycats, theselegswermad takenitall: thank you so much for all of the great information. Apologies for the delayed reply, I haven't been online here for a while. Still researching, so all of this info is great! Thank you!

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