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Nurse15 Wed 04-Jul-18 10:16:33

I'm due for a gynae laparoscopy in a few weeks for PCOS / checking for endometriosis alongside a hysteroscopy. What's your experiences of the surgery and recovery? It's being done in a day procedure unit and will be home that evening all being well

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yogaginrepeat Wed 04-Jul-18 10:31:12

Hi there, I had one last year for suspected endometriosis.

Yes, home same day. Very woozy for a few days after the general anaesthetic, was quite weak and tired for about two weeks and after that started to feel a good bit better. Recovery could be longer depending on what's found and how it's treated.

Some report having bad gas pains afterwards (I didn't much) so might be worth having something at hand for these. You'll be discharged with painkillers.

Dressings to be kept clean and dry for first few days too.

Take it easy and good luck!

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