Large vein on chest removal ?

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Bunnybutton Thu 28-Jun-18 14:24:47

Hey everyone , since the age of 16 I had a large blue vein that runs across my chest , it never bothered me .

However I'm in my late 20's an since becoming a mum 7 years ago the vein on my chest has made me become so self conscious I won't wear anything low cut and it makes me feel very low I feel like everyone would stare .

I have tried putting on weight but it never goes on my upper body , I've tried make up and fake tan .... Nothing is working ...

I'd rather have a tattoo in place than this blue unsightly vein ( I don't want a tattoo ) ....

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Bunnybutton Thu 28-Jun-18 14:28:28

My question is ..,, can it be removed ?? And what would the cost be ??

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BounceAndClimb Thu 28-Jun-18 14:32:28

I honestly wouldn't even notice that, I've seen tattoo make up advertised have you looked into that as its making you feel self conscious?
Ive got about 3 moles in the same area, I think especially as you get older everyone else has 'imperfections' too meaning its not something that people will even pay attention to.

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