Very heavy periods post-partum - *Possible TMI Warning*

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KittyMadness Tue 26-Jun-18 16:21:34

Hi all,

Apologies in advance if this is TMI but I'm struggling to get any advice from internet searches and 111 told me just to 'wait it out' so I was hoping someone might have experienced similar and could share advice if they have any?

Had my LO nearly 11 months ago, started having periods approx 3.5 months post partum. I have endometriosis and have always had very painful periods, but after having my LO they changed to being barely painful at all, but being very, very heavy with lots of clots.

Went back on the pill 3 months after my first period kicked in because I was struggling to cope with the amount of blood loss and as the pill helped with me manage my endo, I though it might help lessen the blood loss (which my doctor agreed with).

Started most recent period yesterday and the blood loss has increased again, I nearly passed out this morning and the clots are huge and constant, I've never had anything like it since that 4-5 week period immediately after giving birth. Doctors don't have any appointments for over a week so rang 111 and they said to just wait it out, and if the clots continue past a week-10 days to go to my GP. I've started taking iron tablets but they don't seem to have had any affect yet sad

I'm pretty sure this isn't a miscarriage; I've taken 6 x pregnancy tests in the last week as a clear blue test showed a possible line, but all subsequent tests came back negative and now my period has come on time...

Has anyone else's periods completely changed or got really heavy after having a baby? I'm feeling completely wiped out and whilst I used to be able to roll my packs (pill) together pre-baby to avoid having a period altogether, the one time I've done that since having my LO I bled for a month and felt awful. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it x

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