Post cancer op gift.

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angstinabaggyjumper Sat 23-Jun-18 14:13:14

My good friend has just had a carcinoma cut out of her breast and I would like to send her a gift for under £50 to cheer her up can anyone suggest something please?

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2blueshoes Sat 23-Jun-18 15:37:56

If she's home, I'd send flowers. But I love receiving flowers.

AuntieStella Sat 23-Jun-18 15:39:52

Try something you think she'd like from this site:

Flyingarcher Sat 23-Jun-18 15:56:18

Amazon voucher so she can shop for books or a kindle if she doesn't have one or loads of books or a sub to audible

I spent a lot of time on mumsnet after my four ops for the same thing.

I know, lots of Aveno stuff which is brilliant for skin and showering.

If it was day surgery she will be up and about so maybe, if it is in tottering distance, a costa or equivalent voucher. I did a lot of tea and cake after the ops! What really helped was one friend who made a family sized fish pie after op number 1 and a cottage pie after op number 4 (I was quite poorly after that op).

A pillow mist.

Tons of neurofen (they gave me loads of cocodamol but I only ever took a couple because it makes me very spacey).

Lovely aloa vera gell - best thing for scars also tumeric with black pepper is utterly awesome for reducing swelling. Likewise a nice squidgy ice pack to put under arm pit also reduces swelling. Tbh it is the lymph node removal which causes the most pain, discomfort and weird sensati9ns. That is still ongoing and I think will always be weak with me.

My SIL bought me loads of different minature gins and mixers - that was fun!

Just to know she is being thought of is the main thing particularly around two weeks after op when you go for the results. The ops are relatively easy in the grand scheme of things but the results days...especially, if like me, margins are not cleared.

angstinabaggyjumper Sun 24-Jun-18 09:13:41

Gin sounds good thank you gals.

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