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Cervical ectropion/erosion

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FedUpNeedFood Wed 13-Jun-18 13:05:54

My symptoms started 5-6 months ago. Gp suspected it was my implant causing irregular bleeding. After that i started bleeding after sex, my smear was due so I waited around 4 weeks to have that done and the nurse said I had a cervical ectropion, she also said "the nhs doesn't treat them, I'm young, it will stop on its own bla bla bla" Anyway smear was clear.

Back to gp 2 weeks later who has now referred me to gyno, still 8 weeks to go until the appointment.

What will happen at the hospital? Is the nurse correct and they won't treat because I am fed up.

FallenSky Sat 16-Jun-18 14:32:11

I can't answer your question regarding what will happen at the hospital as I was never referred, but I do have cervical erosion. My experience was random bleeds, especially after sex. I was told the same by the nurse, not much they can do and to just keep an eye on it. This was about 3 years ago and it does seem to have sorted itself out, haven't had a bleed or pain during/after sex for quite a while now.

It's horrible, I feel for you. Hopefully you'll get some answers from the hospital and perhaps they will be able to do something.

FedUpNeedFood Sun 17-Jun-18 12:37:20

Thanks for the reply FallenSky it started as just spotting/light bleeding for a few days at a time but it has become horrendous, bleeding 90% of the time, I have been prescribe tranemexic acid to halt the bleeding and also ferrous fumerate due to anaemia since last posting . Fingers crossed the gynea can come up with a treatment plan, I have never felt so drained

girlsmum Sun 17-Jun-18 12:43:06

I have had this and was referred to the local gynaecologist a couple of years ago. I had it quarterised (not sure of spelling). It did clear it up for a while.
I’m sure I remember being told long term pill taking can play a part in causing ectropian.

FedUpNeedFood Sun 17-Jun-18 13:17:13

girlsmum hope you dont mind answering but was the treatment painful? And how long did it last?

girlsmum Sun 17-Jun-18 16:32:14

@fedupneedfood I remember they injected with a local anaesthetic so was uncomfortable but not painful. Didn’t smell very nice though!

They took a biopsy of my womb at the same time...that was painful x

WeAllHaveWings Sun 17-Jun-18 17:14:35

I had spotting due to cervical erosion when I was 22 (would have been around 1992), my smear was clear but they still sent me for a colposcopy, cervical cone biopsy and burnt/froze (cant remember which) the cells off which stopped the bleeding permanently for me.

Unless they have told you there will be a procedure and given you a leaflet on what is going to happen I don't think you will get the procedure at your appointment, they will probably put another appointment in if its needed.

It didn't take long, legs up in stirrups (leave your dignity at home!), I got to see my cervix on telly (you don't need to look). They injected a local anaesthetic into my cervix which was a bit nippy, not unlike the feeling at the dentist, after that there was no pain. There was a click as they took the cone biopsy and I could see a little blood on the TV, and then they burnt/froze the cells with a pointy rod thing. I had uncomfortable period like cramps that evening after the local wore off (so take paracetamol soon after) but was ok the next day. Also had to abstain from sex for 6 weeks after.

Cant believe that was 26 years ago, I can remember being really scared going in, but it wasn't too bad! I had the impression it was a common procedure for cervical erosion, maybe it isn't done as routinely now? Wonder it that is due to budget cuts, or if they decided it was best left to heal itself?

Redrosebelle Sun 17-Jun-18 17:20:02

Hi, I’ve had this and had it treated twice. They didn’t take any biopsies so I didn’t need local anaesthetic. It made me feel burny and cramps but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t deal with. I took paracetamol and codeine which worked. I also had a womb biopsy (which they sometimes do for unexplained bleeding) and as pp said, that hurt a lot! I’d ask for anaesthetic if I needed it doing again.

FedUpNeedFood Thu 21-Jun-18 13:46:15

Thanks for the replies. I have been super worried due to the amount and frequency of the bleeding.

I don't know if the nurse was just having an arse of a day but the gp didn't seem too happy that she dismissed me without consulting with him first.

Ebeneser Thu 21-Jun-18 13:54:48

I have cervical erosion (and also a fibroid!). I have suffered with extremely heavy periods for a few years. Experienced pretty much the same as you - prescribed Tranexamic Acid, Mefanamic Acid and Ferrous Furmate. Told there's nothing else they can do etc.

I'm pregnant now and have been suffering intermittently with bleeding. They seem to think it's down to this cervical erosion as nothing else seems remiss (my fibroid has apparently shrunk and doesn't look like a fibroid anymore. I've been referred to a consultant - I should have got pregnant sooner!).

Anyway, I was complaining about this to my sister and she told me that she had hers burnt off! So definitely enquire about this with your GP. After my pregnancy I'm going to go down this route, even if it means going private.

FedUpNeedFood Thu 21-Jun-18 16:21:47

I have hit a bit of a wall. I have reached my "monthly allowence" of tranamexic acid, the bleeding stopped after 4 days of taking it but has restarted just 3 days later. The pharmacist said people can take it longer than the 4 day prescribed time but couldn't okay it without gp agreement so I'm hoping to book myself in as an emergency tomorrow as luckily it's a very quiet practice.

I seem to be going round in circles, the gp won't discuss treatment options as it's down to the gynocologist and i've still got 7 weeks until the appointment.

Redrosebelle Thu 21-Jun-18 17:56:03

Ring the gynae secretary and ask for a late cancellation or can they possibly squeeze you in? Alternatively ask the Gp to refer you urgently and say you aren’t satisfied that it’s safe and in your best interests to wait another 7 weeks.
Any abnormal bleeding should be checked out as a matter of urgency but I’m afraid sometimes you do need to be firm (rude/demanding/insistent) to get some action!

FedUpNeedFood Fri 22-Jun-18 11:51:37

Redrosebelle thanks for the reply. I have actually just called following you response and I have been added to the cancellation list, if a cancellation arises I will receive a text and I must call immediately as it's first come first served. Hopefully something will come up soon.

BelaLug0si Sat 23-Jun-18 17:58:24

Inflamed ectropian can be treated by cauterisation. Hopefully you'll get a cancellation and appointment sooner. Have you been investigated for endometriosis? Sometimes it's associated with heavy and painful bleeding. Adenomyosis (it's benign) can also cause painful periods.

FedUpNeedFood Sat 23-Jun-18 21:19:34

BelaLug0si No I haven't been checked for anything really, not even a prod of the abdomen even though I told the gp it was tender. Besides having the smear and the gp having a quick peep nothing has been done at all. I have never suffered from painful periods or anything out of the ordinary and I think that is why it's come as such a shock.

BelaLug0si Sun 24-Jun-18 00:10:07

There are guidelines for the investigation of vaginal bleeding, which includes a speculum visual examination of the cervix.
It can be difficult to work out what the origin and cause of the bleeding is - plus there can be more than one cause.
E.g a woman could have post coital bleeding due to an inflamed ectropian, because of persistent candida and have fibroids causing heavy periods.
It might be helpful to jot down your clinical history (as you've done here) for the gynae appt so it's clear there's been post coital bleeding and also irregular uterine bleeding. It may be the implant doesn't suit you but it's better to get checked out properly.

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