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How does any body do it

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revelsandrose Tue 13-Mar-18 08:21:58

I literally cannot have a clean tidy house, look my best, keep on top of all the kids stuff. I have one doing gcses. One doing sats and struggling socially and one that's teething.
I work 4 days and I feel like nobody is getting the best of me. I'm lucky that my husband is hands on, older kids help out (with a push) and baby is usually fairly placid but I just can't do it all.

PumpkinPie2016 Fri 06-Apr-18 16:02:18

I know what you mean - I only have the one child but work full time and constantly feel like I have too many balls in the air.

I do all the things usually advised such as sorting bags and clothes the night before but I still always feel like I will forget to do something.

With the house, we are by no means perfect but we try to do 15 mins before bed which seems to help a bit.

SandysMam Fri 06-Apr-18 16:06:51

I feel the same. I feel like we are only just surviving, fed, occasional wash and sort of clean house is a win. I look like shit and my toenails have needed painting for a month but I just cannot find the time. No advice really, just sympathy. You are probably doing better than you think.

SandysMam Fri 06-Apr-18 16:07:16

Or maybe I could get off Mumsnet and paint them grin

noseypud Fri 06-Apr-18 16:10:26

Feel exactly the same and I only have a 10 montg old ds! Just gone back to work full time and I feel like I am meeting myself coming backwards. By the time I get home feed the baby, bath him get him to bed and dh and I eat its 9pm before I have sat down and the last thing I want to do is clean. You are doing fab! thanks

WhataLovelyPear Wed 25-Apr-18 07:11:58

I have 2 teenagers and a DH who does more than I do because he works fewer hours. I'm a Flylady fan which my family laugh at but it helps me prioritise so the house isn't minging. DH finally got fed up if me doing all the cooking and all the washing up with no help from my kids and instigated a rota so we all have our "day" for washing up. They hate it but they fell in line and it does mean that 3 days out of four I can relax after dinner.

redorangeblue Thu 17-May-18 23:03:48

I have 2 preschoolers work 5 days no cleaner and am constantly exhausted. I haven't been to hairdresser for years.

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