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Working four days across five

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Ilovepeanutbuttersandwiches Sat 18-Nov-17 11:14:44

I'm looking at changing my work hours as my child has just started school and I want to be around more each day.

At the moment I work 9-5 Monday to Thursday with Fridays off.

I'm considering asking if I can work the same hours but over five days rather than four so that I can do the school drop off and get to after school club sooner for collection. I would also ask for one of those days to be a work from home day.

Are there any issues that I haven't thought of? Does anyone else work a similar pattern?


Alwaysatyke Sat 18-Nov-17 11:31:54

I've changed to this recently. Was working four 9-5 days, now I do two longish days, two shortish and one half day (so I do school pick up three days) but the same hours overall.

Tbh I don't really like it and will probably ask to change after a year. The half day was a last minute addition - I was going to drop to 3.5 days but changed my mind - and it makes the day totally exhausting. Don't feel like I get a break at all, the commute on top of the hours makes it feel like I'm working full time but only for 80% pay.

Things I hadn't considered - additional fuel costs getting to work and back, going through more work clothes each week, shorter days are less productive than full ones.

It does have advantages - I keep the same pay but can manage school with minimal after school club etc, and being in work every day keeps me more in the loop iyswim. But it's definitely more exhausting

Ilovepeanutbuttersandwiches Sat 18-Nov-17 15:18:42

That's good to know. I would definitely ask for one day working from home as that would be lot less tiring than the two hour round commute.
I'm also wondering how it works with annual leave, as in the holidays I'd need to cover an extra day as I'm no longer free on a Friday.
So much logistics.

Iizzyb Wed 26-Sep-18 17:07:37

A friend used to do a different working pattern in school holidays to the one in term time so she could have more days at home in school hols. Is that a possibility?

I did consider this kind of working pattern but chose to stay on 4 days per week. I do all the rubbish stuff on my day off (takes a fraction of the time without ds!) also sometimes see friends, gym, all the Christmas shopping, birthday shopping and planning etc. Also meant I could do nativity play at school without taking time off (and this year all assemblies for parents are on Thursdays too which is my day off).

The other reason I chose to stay as I was is that I struggle to get out of work on time anyway so leaving early works just do my head in!

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