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So worried..

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user1498205994 Tue 31-Oct-17 21:38:01

So I start full time work in december - I'll be handing over my DS (3) and DD (2) to be cared for from 7am - 6pm... I am really excited firstly to be moving on with my life after being out of work for four years!

But I feel sick leaving them... a friend will be looking after them both for the first three weeks leading up to Xmas. Then from January they will be going to a childminder.

I'm worried sick that something could happen to them whilst I'm not there, I just need some words of comfort really from a very nervous Mum! Xx

Kingsclerelass Fri 22-Dec-17 21:51:45

Go through the scenarios in your head and decide how each will work.

If dc is poorly, when cm will call you,
if cm is poorly, do they have a backup carer? Have you met her/him?
Make sure you have given the cm two phone numbers, in case one network fails.
Ensure you have a backup person in case you get caught in traffic and can't do evening pickup.
Make sure work has relevant details & what to do if you are taken poorly.

That covers every eventuality I've hit in 9 years. Ensure your dcs red books and doctor's details are available to the cm. And then trust your cm's decade or whatever of professional child caring, qualifications and references. They will be fine.I'm sure.

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