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What I like about/ my life as a

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gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 20:13:41

Like the other thread, for peace and understanding maybe sahp can understand more.

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 20:14:35

I like only having to work p/t 20 hours per week, with zero responsibility.
I have no work costs although it's only min wage.

Eolian Sat 27-May-17 20:16:38

I like being a cover supervisor (after many years of being a proper teacher) because I waltz in and waltz out and have no further responsibility, preparation or marking!

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 20:18:45

That sounds great Eolian
The best of both worlds.
Do you get lots of problems though, with behaviour or is this a myth?

ImperialBlether Sat 27-May-17 20:20:31

When I worked and my children were young, I loved the adultness of the conversations. And not being interrupted. And not having to clean all the bloody time.

SybilsLeaves Sat 27-May-17 20:31:41

I love the feeling of achievement I get when I complete a great piece of work or deliver something really useful for a client. It's a totally different feeling of fulfilment than I get from spending time with my child, and much less emotionally charged / much more straightforward.

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 20:33:19

I am finding that I like the company for a few hours at night, which has surprised me as I haven't craved company in all the years as a sahm.
I could either take it or leave it.

Dh agreed about me being a sahm obviously, but he has noticed that he no longer has to do some of the jobs he'd rather not do. He hadn't even considered this before.

ijustwannadance Sat 27-May-17 20:42:41

I personally found being a SAHM to a small child incredibly dull and going back to work saved my sanity.

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 20:44:07


I'd like to ask a question if I may?

It sounds like you have a career, rather than a job.
Were you brought up to believe that women should have a career. I don't just mean paying your way for economic gain, but for fulfillment?

We were told at school that we could have a career if we wanted to, but weren't really encouraged.

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 21:30:09

newt wrong with that ijustwannadance
Not everyone likes being at home with dc, all the time.

museumum Sat 27-May-17 21:35:02

I have no commute and flexi hours and a weekday with ds most weeks. But I still love my work and as I only have one child and a very involved dh I just don't think it would be healthy for me to sahp so if o wasn't working in my career I love I'd be searching for voluntary roles and bigger hobbies than I have to fill my time.

SybilsLeaves Sat 27-May-17 23:01:58

gilly yes, I do and yes, I was - very fortunate to have gone to an all girls' school and be taught by straight-talking Yorkshire women, who encouraged us all to make our own way and be beholden to no man. It's a life lesson I fully intend to teach my DC as well!

gillybeanz Sat 27-May-17 23:56:45

I know this sounds like a contradiction after being a sahm for so long, but this is what I am teaching my dd.
i have told her about how things are different now and why I gave up my career, but in fact I could have continued with a nanny for childcare, but decided against it.
I think it's the right thing to teach a girl.
Yes, straight talking Yorkshire women, I've met a few, not to be trifled with grin

FartnissEverbeans Fri 16-Jun-17 19:47:14

I'm an English teacher and I love using my brain again. I love sitting for an hour and a half discussing The Great Gatsby with my A-level class. I love doing research and planning resources. I missed all those things when I was on maternity leave.

I love my job generally, although I'm not a massive fan of my current workplace!

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