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Tips for juggling it all, including the guilt

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Monkeyface45 Wed 19-Apr-17 14:18:15

Working mum here of 3 multiples of pre school aged children. I might be going full time at work in the near future for preparation of applying for a mortgage , currently working 16-20 hours a week but the bulk of it being whilst kids are asleep at night so they don't miss me much, hubby is with them for the small amount of time the are awake and puts them to bed etc. I miss 2 bedtimes a week. If I go full time I'll miss more bedtimes or more pre school drop offs depending on how I work the shifts. I could do early morning till early afternoon and pick them all up from pre school to go home and start tea etc and be there form bedtime. But do I juggle life in general? I mean the shopping, housework, quality time etc all whilst working 38 hours a week. What are your best tips ? Thanks

PumpkinPie2016 Sun 28-May-17 10:45:38

I am a teacher (full time) and my husband is self employed as a gardener/tree surgeon.

We only have 1 child who is 3.5 years and goes to a private pre school full time.

Given that my husband's schedule is quite variable and flexible, he generally gets quite a bit done in the week while I'm at home e.g. laundry - he will get it washed, dried and put away in between jobs (we iron as we need stuff so we don't have loads of ironing waiting to be done).

He is also good at making sure the dishwasher goes on and the floors are hoovered and does drop off and most pick ups for DS.

I do the shopping because I also shop for my Nan at the same time.

It's hard sometimes when I have a particularly busy week in school (last week was really busy!) but we manage and I make the most I the holidays with DH and DS.

Organisation is the main thing - meal plan and shop for the full week, have everything ready at night for the next day, share the household tasks equally but don't stress if everything isn't perfect.

If you can afford it - consider paying for help for some tasks.

It's hard at first but once you get into the swing of things it's fine!

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