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How do other self-employed mums cope?

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Bellabelloo Fri 24-Mar-17 22:23:02

I am struggling! I set up my own online business 3 years ago and it is just getting to the point where it is doing well at the very same time I have had a baby. My little boy is a total blessing and we are so lucky to have him as were told I was infertile.

I employed extra people to help cover while I am on 'maternity leave' (I was hoping for a bit at least!) but was bombarded with emails even while I was still in hospital and every day since. And people just aren't stepping up to the mark - I think because I'm not there to manage them. My general manager has now been signed off sick for the foreseeable future, so I have had to work full time this week and will do for the foreseeable future until I find some temporary cover.

I am exhausted from sleepless nights and from having to juggle my 8-week old baby and my business. Plus guilt from having to leave him with a childminder so early. However I don't want to give up on my business that has the potential to create a good life for us with a decent income and hopefully very flexible working hours in the future on my terms.

Anyone else in a similar situation? And how do you cope?

Blerg Fri 24-Mar-17 22:28:36

Hi Bella congrats on your new baby and having established a successful business.

I'm not in the same boat as I'm just starting out as self-employed and my children are older (13 months and 3.5 years), but I really relate to wanting the income and flexibility down the line.

It sounds like you need to sort cover asap - can you prioritise that, or gontonan agency or recruitment place?

Eight weeks is still tiny, I don't think I could do anything functional at that point - I hope you get it sorted soon flowers

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