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Counting the days until I drop from ft to pt (and the ap returns home)

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nownownotnow Thu 09-Mar-17 20:47:15

This is a thread that doesn't really require any response, unless anyone can sympathise.

We have a brilliant au pair. I mean really faultless. I'm just tired. I don't see my kids or dh enough. I work 6 days a week with an additional pt job on my day off. I have a stop date. It's not forever. It's a short term contract. The financial benefit means it's sooo worth it right now. The ap is happy and having fun over here, so my feelings are definitely not spoiling everyone else's fun!


My god it's hard. Dh is wonderful. Works equally hard. Pulls his weight at home. Everything is logistically fine, but I'm just sick to death of this rat race.

I'm trying to build in little treats to keep me motivated (that don't cost too much), and I'm looking forward to having the house back again. I'm planing which child will have ap's room.

Anyone else join me in the moan? Or been there done it?

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