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Work stress

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Steventon Sun 28-Aug-16 05:33:57

I'm a secondary sch teacher.
My other half is going to be a primary school nqt in September. I'm also 3 months pregnant an we have a 3 yr old.
So last year he did a schools direct which was brutal for all of us. Hard for me because I had to pick up the slack everywhere in our life, starting teaching Is all encompassing. He worked crazy hours an had no brain space for anything but work. He was stressed like never before. When th summer holidays arrived it was such a relief. An we have had a wonderful holiday. But now work is looming an he is freaking out. I don't know what to do. I'm dreading September as well but I know my school an I'm part time. I'm dreading more coping with the balancing act. What I'm asking is how can I help him? He's withdrawn he talks about dreading it. The school haven't given him an induction an he's got a tricky yr 5 class. I've told him to wait an see. But he's so stressed I don't know how to help.

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