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Best compact pram for rush hour travel

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Marmalade85 Tue 16-Aug-16 10:52:22

I have an 8 month old son and work full time in London. I need to drop my son off at childcare in the morning and pick up in the evening which will require me to use local busy buses during rush hour. I have a Bugaboo Cameleon but it's simply enormous and doesn't fold down or fit properly in the buggy area.

So what is the best compact pram which can fit down the aisle of London buses please?

Millionprammiles Tue 16-Aug-16 13:22:44

8 months is probably too young for a stroller type (eg Maclaren XLR) but you could try the Babyjogger city mini - I've taken the bus in the past with that lots, it fits through doors/aisle and a second buggy can fit next to it.

BUT be prepared to wait for a bus that doesn't have two buggies already on it or isn't so rammed you can't get on at all. Also be prepared for grumpy commuters tutting and not getting out of the way unless asked...

Spindelina Tue 16-Aug-16 13:25:13

I know this doesn't actually answer your question, but would a sling not be miles easier?

Lules Tue 16-Aug-16 13:26:50

My bugaboo bee fits down the aisle even on small buses. It's very compact but isn't the easiest to fold - you need 2 hands so I have no idea how you fold it and hold onto a baby on a busy bus. Maybe others are more talented at this than I am though

Marmalade85 Tue 16-Aug-16 13:27:42

He already weighs 25lbs so a sling isn't right for me.

Will look into your recommendations - thanks for posting.

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Tue 16-Aug-16 13:28:49

Easywalker mosey. 54 cm wide and fits down the aisle of buses. The handle folds down into itself so it's very compact on the bus. Can be folded flat easily.
I e often been the third buggy on the bus and manged to squeeze on. It looks very compact next to bigger biggies but the seat is roomy And comfy.

Spindelina Tue 16-Aug-16 16:02:31

I carry my 17kg four year old DD in a sling - if you are interested, there are options.

PotteringAlong Tue 16-Aug-16 16:04:09

25lb's is nothing for a sling! You need something like a connecta or an ergo.

Marmalade85 Tue 16-Aug-16 16:04:48

Spindelina I've never used a sling but happy to hear your recommendations

Pootlebug Tue 16-Aug-16 16:07:35

A soft structured carrier like a manduca would be much easier than a buggy. I carried my 4 year old in one on my back when she was too sleepy for a hilly coastal path walk the other day. She is considerably heavier than 25lb.

AppleMagic Tue 16-Aug-16 16:10:35

I'd say a bugaboo bee or baby zen yoyo. I have a baby jogger city mini now and I find it difficult on public transport because it's not as nifty to steer as the bee and it's a bit longer. With the bee id retract the handle when it was really busy and it took up very little room. I haven't used the baby zen yoyo but it looks even smaller/niftier than the bee.

Spindelina Tue 16-Aug-16 16:13:27

Yeah, I agree with Pootlebug, a SSC would be great. I used a Manduca, then got a toddler Tula when DD was two. other brands are ergo, connecta, beco.

Where do you live? Can you get to a sling library to see if you can try one out? They're all good, but which brand suits you best is a personal thing.

SwishySplash Tue 16-Aug-16 16:13:30

I second the sling idea.

glorious Tue 16-Aug-16 16:16:23

If not sling then babyzen yoyo definitely. It is fantastic on public transport.

sleepyMe12 Tue 16-Aug-16 16:17:22

Bugaboo bee is great fits on buses, I can fold it with one hand baby in the other.

Or just grab a stroller they vary in price £35-200. I have the mothercare Nanu cheap easy to fold and comfy for my 25lb son!

Marmalade85 Tue 16-Aug-16 16:36:31

Thanks for your posts. I've had a look at the ergo brand slings and they look quite good. As my son is 8 months and 25lbs would I have to carry him at the front or the back or doesn't it matter? Thank you

SwishySplash Tue 16-Aug-16 16:40:15

He can go in a back carry when he can confidently get himself in to a seated position from laying down. You'll probably find a front carry easier, you can keep a better eye on him in packed buses and sit down without him being squished behind you IYSWIM.

moggle Tue 16-Aug-16 16:41:47

How much walking is there in the journey OP? How long is the bus journey; do you know whether you'll get a seat on the bus most days? Because a sling sounds like a good option but (this is all personal obvs) I wouldn't like to stand up on a half hour bus journey with a 25lber on me. Also, it's easier carrying them on your back once they get past a certain weight, but if you want to sit down on the bus, this won't be possible, he'd have to be on your front unless you want to take him off and on again. I find it quite tiring carrying 21mo DD on my front now. More personal opinion, but I wouldn't want to carry DD around in it after a long day at work, or on hot mornings especially if you work somewhere smart.

If you do want to get a buggy consider whether you need a hood for sun/rain protection, and will it need to recline for him to nap. If not, and if you're otherwise happy with the chameleon for the rest of the time, then I'd maybe consider a really basic umbrella fold stroller. he might look a bit lost and slumped in it for the next couple of months but it'll be useful for quite a while. Something like this. It is only £20, will fold up tiny and light if you need it to and you'll be able to put it between your legs if you want to sit down with him on your lap.

PizzzaTheHutt Tue 16-Aug-16 16:43:10

I loved my maclaren XT - can be used from birth, is compact and easy to manoeuvre.

Spindelina Tue 16-Aug-16 18:10:31

DD was mostly on my back from 6 months, but as others have said, sitting on buses is one place where she goes on my front. The other thing you might need to think about is how much other stuff you need to carry - will you have a changing bag? If so, you could do rucksack on back + baby on front, which kind of balances out.

SloanePeterson Tue 16-Aug-16 18:14:50

Maclaren Triumph would be fine, one hand fold and light, compact and has a carry strap to sling it over your shoulder. I loved our ergo but considering the drooling, hair pulling and general sweatiness of having your baby that close on public transport I don't think I'd carry on the way to work. Maclarens seem much better quality than cheaper strollers, much more hard wearing and easier to push.

Marmalade85 Tue 16-Aug-16 19:33:44

Thank you for your replies. Will spend some time researching the different options this evening.

Hufflepuffin Tue 16-Aug-16 19:39:32

If you think you'll need to fold then you really can't beat a city mini for ease. Others are better if you think you can use it unfolded.

Spindelina Tue 16-Aug-16 19:46:30

I think a lot of it comes down to how busy it will be.

If you'll get to leave DC in unfolded buggy, that'll be lovely. But I'm not sure you'd be asking here if that were the case.

If you'd need to fold the buggy and get a seat, then I'm not sure baby on lap vs baby in sling on lap makes much difference. What's easier? Walking buggy to bus, folding and getting baby, bags and buggy on, or walking with bag and sling straight onto bus?

And if you have no hope of a seat at all, then I'd rather be carrying baby in a sling than baby in my arms!

Millionprammiles Wed 17-Aug-16 08:55:54

Think about what else you might have to carry, both to and from work. I find I had work bag, general stuff for dd (snacks/change of clothes/nappy etc) and sometimes work laptop and/or essential shopping I'd had to pick up. That's a lot to carry.

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