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Have I been discriminated against at work

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eatingforonemore Mon 08-Aug-16 01:34:53

I only started the job at the end of May and I was really enjoying it. I fell very ill and had to take time off from July 8th till the 28th due to having to have a lumbar puncture due to my chronic illness flaring up. I tried to go back midway through that absence (19/7) but I wasn't ready and had to go home within two hours. I then had to go back to A&E on Wednesday due to back pain and was there from about 4am till 7pm. I went back on Friday (no shift on the Thursday) to be told due to my absences I hadn't passed probation and would be let go with immediate effect.

I supplied my employer with a sick line from the 20th to the 27th and offered my discharge notes from my hospital stay and a letter from my neurologist but they said that it was fine they understood.

I've been told by ACAS to send a letter to a senior manager and get in touch with equality human rights about it which I will get sorted tomorrow but really unsure if I've been discriminated against due to my chronic illness which I disclosed when I started the job.

ChipIn Thu 01-Sep-16 06:00:24

Without knowing all the facts, it sounds like you have. They have confirmed its due to absences which were for medical reasons.

StealthPolarBear Mon 31-Oct-16 22:25:40

Does your ill ess count as a disability? Sounds like it probably does.

mamma12 Mon 31-Oct-16 22:33:31

To be honest you're probably much better off having a look at the information on discrimination on the citizens advice bureaus website and then calling ehrc tomorrow rather than asking on mumsnet. It's a bit like finding yourself on some medical forum and worrying yourself silly when you're better off going to the GP. I really hope you feel better and find the answer you're looking for. flowers

Pinkandbluemcdonald5 Mon 31-Oct-16 22:36:46

Are you well enough to be at work? From what I read you were only really there for a month and then off for 20 days. I don't know If its discrimination or not. But it doesn't sound like you are ready to work at all .

Amaried Wed 15-Feb-17 21:48:49

I'm afraid that during your probation you can be let go without any consequences.
I'd concentrate on your health and getting well.

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