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Opportunity to work from home- thoughts?

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Mummyk1982 Thu 03-Dec-15 13:58:30

Hi there
I've been setting up my own business over the last few months and it's built up really nicely. I also work16.5 hrs a week in a 'formal' job and the rest of the time I look after my 19 month old daughter. Last night DH said he would be happy for me to give up my formal job to work solely on my own business and to be with my daughter. This is ultimately what I was aiming for and really wanted. I guess I'm just after people's experiences of working from home on their own business and how to juggle that with being a mummy? At the moment I work mon and fri am and all day weds in my formal job and most evenings on my own business. The idea would be that I work my own business during those daytime hours that I work my formal job and work less evenings. I'm also interested to know how people discipline themselves to work at home and not get distracted by household chores that need doing etc etc :-)
Thanks in advance!! X

simplydivine05 Fri 11-Dec-15 22:41:42


I work from home full time. I have one ds who is 7 so a big difference to yours as I get school hours to work in peace! However, some principles remain the same. I have a set routine every single day. I don't do any housework during th day at all. After all, if I went out to work I wouldn't be able to do it. I always get dressed and do my hair and am ready to start work after dropping ds at school. My OH cooks most nights and I work through until ds goes to bed. Most of the time I don't work weekends but that depends on work load. I now have a member of staff so that eases the pressure. I also have a totally separate workroom that can be shut off and not looked at when I'm not working which helps. I used to work in the lounge and being surrounded by my work environment got very tiresome. As did being stuck in the house all the time looking at the same 4 walls. I now make sure I get out and speak to other people, even if only for 5 minutes.
I have been self employed for over 4 years and ditched the part time "proper" job in January this year. I wouldn't ever look back as I love working for myself. Nothing could prepare me for the hard work and sheer exhaustion though. I have a supportive parter which is a necessity if you want to build and grow your business to a point where you can take an income and a back seat eventually. It all depends what you want from it as to whether you will make it work.
We are ttc dc2 and I'm not really sure how that will work out with work/maternity leave. It all depends on the child. Ds understands I have to work and when we get in from school he has a snack and drink and we do homework and then I go back to work and he knows he then can't have much of my attention.

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