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Supply teaching questions

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LivviH15 Sat 17-Oct-15 20:25:09


I've just started looking into making the switch from a part time teaching job (ft for 5 years, been back for a year pt after mat leave). I like my career, but hate the work/life balance (or lack of it as feel that the job is taking over!) and have really started looking into anything that I could do instead, supply teaching looks like a good option. Is there anyone that would be able to give me their experiences? I've already spoken to a couple of friends who have done it, just looking for as much information as possible. Thanks x

LivviH15 Sat 17-Oct-15 20:30:06

...also, does anyone have any experience of falling pregnant while doing supply? This is a bit of a worry as I know I can receive a good mat leave while in my permanent job and don't want to make things difficult for myself and husband if we were to have baby no 2 and I wasn't entitled to much as a supply. Thanks x

Brookville Wed 20-Jan-16 20:05:33

Hi there I don't have any advice other than a few people telling me it was a great option! I guess it cuts out the planning and responsibility, but you still get to work with kids and leave at the family-friendly time of 3.30. I imagine the pay / pension package is less though ?
Try posting this under Education > Staffroom as that's where the teachers hang out.

phoenixrose314 Fri 11-Mar-16 11:52:28

Hi, hope I can give you some advice. Yes supply teaching is fab in the short term if you want a decent work-life balance, however that is the only real advantage and it's about whether that is more of a priority over everything else. It can be unreliable, you get no pay over the holidays (so it works out that you earn quite a bit less), can prevent you from getting decent lending or mortgage, no maternity pay apart from statutory available, and MOST importantly, when your DC is old enough to be attending school you will somehow need to be able to get them to school and yet be prepared to be all over the place for supply.

So, trust me, I've been where you are and felt that desperation! - but, in the long run, it's safer to stay p/t if you can.

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