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Does anyone do care work?

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NobleLocks Wed 01-Jul-15 16:04:39


I've just been offered a job (yay) as a care support worker going into people's homes to care.
I wondering if anyone else does this and how they make it work money wise as I understand some calls are 15mins and others longer but the wages are offers per call not per hour?
I can also claim mileage from my first call to subsequent calls.
I'm just rather confused!

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 01-Jul-15 16:10:05

Hi give it a try but I did home care a couple if years ago and just wasnt making any money. I could be out for 6hrs but only paid for 4 because of gaps in between appointments. I spent lots on petrol too. A care hine might be better? Sorry to be negative!

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Wed 01-Jul-15 16:10:45

Sorry care HOME fgs!

NobleLocks Wed 01-Jul-15 16:12:07

I thought that might be the case sadly, thank you

NobleLocks Wed 01-Jul-15 19:53:35

Anyone else?

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