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SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 18:46:49


FancyPuffin Mon 17-Sep-12 18:59:53

Found you!


BonkeyMollocks Mon 17-Sep-12 19:00:31

Now this is my sort of place!!!

<gets comfy>

<pours wine>

<offers round>

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:02:56

I knew it would be popular.

wine all round.

Smokers out the back please.

Comfy beanbags aplenty.

LadyBeagleEyes Mon 17-Sep-12 19:04:02

<searches for my very own topic>

Maat Mon 17-Sep-12 19:04:47

How did I miss a WINE topic?

<looks around>

I like what you've done to the place

wine cheers

FancyPuffin Mon 17-Sep-12 19:05:04

<<Heads out back>>

BonkeyMollocks Mon 17-Sep-12 19:05:30

<follows Puffin for a puff>

Chubfuddler Mon 17-Sep-12 19:05:43

How is this not the most popular section of mn?

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:07:50

I don't know chubb.

I think i will ressurect it and only post here forever.

Found you!

No cheating at all. Nope no help at all. Nope none.

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:08:54

I would also like to lay claim to wine which was my idea and campaigning that git us it.

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:09:41

Well done Fanj wine

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 17-Sep-12 19:10:18

Still can't find SBD.

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:16:05

Anglesea. Poor bastard.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 17-Sep-12 19:18:12

Yup, gott'im.

wine just for you gig

Having to run a topic Is hard work

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 19:43:12

Thanks darlink. I'm exhausted.

I should delegate some of the work but i'm a bit of a control fraek.

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 21:04:28

Anyone else for illicit wine¿

PurdyShaky Mon 17-Sep-12 21:08:24

Yes please sheela

I like it here, it nearly as nice as my topic.

I'll be out the back with puffin


SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 21:16:00

Puffin with puffin grin

Ja see wot i didz der?

FancyPuffin Mon 17-Sep-12 21:23:28


>Cloud o' smoke<

OhChristFENTON Mon 17-Sep-12 21:24:29

<opens deck chair>

SheelaNeGoldGig Mon 17-Sep-12 21:31:41

I'm easily led. Gis a faaag.

BiggerAndBadder Mon 17-Sep-12 21:38:30

luv me wine!
not a mn regular - so hope this Isnt a wierd clique i have stumbled on?!

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