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Investment Wines?

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truevintage72 Mon 16-Nov-15 01:36:08

Following my divorce, I've come into a fair amount of money, and, on the advice of my financial adviser, am thinking of investing in some high quality vintages. Might anyone have any recommendations with regards to this? I would not be willing to pay less than a considerable sum, for tax reasons. Any assistance would be appreciated.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Mon 30-Nov-15 21:20:23

Really? On the advice of your financial adviser? Well if he is so knowledgable, he could surely help with where to start.

Personally (as a Chartered IFA) 'alternatives' come with a strong dose of punt. Wine for one has had quite a few problems, do a lot of research. This is not a sure given return by any stretch of the imagination.

Valmur Sun 03-Jan-16 18:11:59

This is far from a reliable investment. Wine price is often heavily based on fashion (so, for instance, Chinese fashion for Bordeaux recently drove prices up very rapidly). The market is also relatively volatile.

That said really fine Burgundy is a reasonable punt (although the price is already sky high and it is difficult to secure allocations). Good Italian opportunities exist but need care.

caroldecker Sun 03-Jan-16 19:04:29

I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole or your 'adviser'

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