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Thinking of buying Godson a bottle of something, what would taste good in 18 years?

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whohellhe Tue 14-May-13 23:15:37

As an alternative to a moneybox I'm considering buying baby Godson something he can open and enjoy when he turns 18. I was originally thinking whisky but have since discovered it does not get any better with age. Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks (or should I say cheers?!)

Helliecopter Fri 18-Oct-13 20:51:57

Port is usually a good thing to put down (I had one from my birth year on my 30th birthday).

Or choose a good red wine, however you wouldn't know if this is a good year (vintage) until the wine is bottled, which could be next year really. It'd have to be something like a Bordeaux. Speak to someone who knows in a good, independent wine shop. Also could be expensive because you're looking at one of the big wine makers, and buying a case!

travailtotravel Fri 25-Oct-13 23:30:57

Try Berry Bros and Rudd for advice.
I don't agree that it will have to be French as new world can be awesome and age well. have 20 year old Oz on rack.

I think the issue might be that a) godson won't appreciate wine at that level when 18 b) storage is everything - constant temperature no hot/cold fluctuations etc or it will be a waste.

cdtaylornats Sun 08-Mar-15 20:18:57

Whisky doesn't get worse with age either.

bagelfiend Sun 08-Mar-15 20:20:58

I have just been in this situation (baptism was today!)

I bought a bottle of 2011 vintage port for about £60 that will apparently taste beautiful in 18 years.

I would go into a local independent wine shop and get some advice from them, very helpful!

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