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wine to go with Thai food

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KarlosKKrinkelbeim Fri 06-Jul-12 11:48:46

specifically, tord kratiem prik thai (prawns with garlic, fish sauce and plenty chilli) which I am making tonight.
It's just me and dh so I don't want anything too spenny. I was thinking a nice gewurztraminer, but can such be had for under a tenner?

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Fri 06-Jul-12 13:35:10

I thought youse lot were a bunch of boozers? Come on

PoppadumPreach Fri 06-Jul-12 13:38:24

Gewurtztraminer or Riesling are the good choices for Thai.

There is a Spanish wine called "vina Esmerelda" which is a Gewurtztraminer blend. It is made by Torres and costs about £7-8 I think. That would probably work.

Alternatively get a Thai beer: singa or beer Chang.

FunnysInLaJardin Fri 06-Jul-12 13:40:18

aye Gewurtztraminer is good or some Viogniers would be 'sweet' enough

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Fri 06-Jul-12 13:40:53

I like the sound of the spanish - right price point too.

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Fri 06-Jul-12 22:18:32

OK the Esmeralda was on special offer in Waitrose! delicious and an ideal match for the food. Cheers ears

PoppadumPreach Fri 06-Jul-12 23:23:58

yay! glad it worked!

danielle25 Thu 23-Aug-12 15:34:50

I've found this webiste to be good when looking for wines that go with certain foods.

mrsbugsywugsy Thu 23-Aug-12 15:39:40

I like a voignier with thai food when i'm not pregnant, sob

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