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Rediscovered blue nun

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Relizabeth Sat 16-Jun-12 14:53:25

Had forgotten it was in the world!
Quite nice really!
Does it say something more than it's taste? I don't know do you?

bonnieslilsister Sat 16-Jun-12 19:39:50

Yuk sorry

SiSiTD Sun 17-Jun-12 20:54:31

Sorry, Relizabeth, I have to second Bonnie.

Blue Nun is nothing but a marketing gimmick enticing people to buy poor quality wine at a greatly inflated price, IMO as a wine proffesional.

However, taste is subjective, so if you like it the you drink it and enjoy it.

Oxygene Sun 15-Jul-12 17:36:04

I love Blue Nun but I do tend to like wine that tastes of pop which is why I like Lambrini. There's a lot of snobbery with wine. It's what you enjoy at the end of the day.

Personally I think champagne is bitter and much prefer a glass of cheap sweet fizz. We bought a case of lambrini copy from Aldi for our wedding. We didn't see sense in buying expensive champagne just to toast with as half the time it gets left and thrown away. Everyone said how much they liked the wine and hardly any glasses came back with wine in them. Little did they know we paid less than £3 a bottle for it.

Herbsmum Sun 15-Jul-12 17:38:04

Sorry not constructive, even the thought.........

spammertime Mon 23-Jul-12 20:20:30

I would agree its yuck, however was told story from a friend in a local wine club where the organisers had an event starting off with a "mystery" aperitif. It was ice cold and most of the (knowledgeable!) wine drinkers said they enjoyed it. You guessed it, was Blue Nun. I have to say it hasn't tempted me to buy a bottle.

Moral of the story - if you're lucky enough to be given a bottle, get it in the freezer!

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