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Can I freeze red wine to use when cooking later?

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RecursiveMoon Mon 21-May-12 19:03:19

Thanks, it's in an ice cube tray and freezing!

Frontpaw Mon 21-May-12 18:43:55

But make sure your beloved doesn't think its an ordinary icecube (ok more likely to happen with white) and pop it in his orange juice. Not that it has ever happened to me, oh no.

Hulababy Mon 21-May-12 18:41:11

Yes, it can be frozen as ice cubes.

RecursiveMoon Mon 21-May-12 18:40:41


GnocchiNineDoors Mon 21-May-12 18:40:40

Yes. Pour it into ice cube trays and pop a couple of cubes into meals, frozen, when cooking.

Mutt Mon 21-May-12 18:39:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RecursiveMoon Mon 21-May-12 18:37:57

I know, I should drink it, but I'm not super-keen on drinking red wine, and I have half a bottle left over from making spaghetti bolognaise.

So, will the wine be okay if I freeze it?

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