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i know its not wine but...advise me on a peat based whisky please?

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PacificDogwood Sun 20-Nov-11 20:48:51

Any Islay whisky will tick the 'peaty' box nicely. My favorite is Caol Ila. Or Laphroiag. Or Lagavulin...

And yy to Talisker - it has the added advantage of being the only Skye whisky.

Really, you should go and taste some - 'tis an education [hic]grin

CaptainNancy Sun 20-Nov-11 20:45:47

Talisker (from Skye) is very drinkable peaty whisky. Their specials are v nice too, and not as expensive as some.

Ardbeg v peaty.

Waitrose have 20% off selected whiskies this week I think... may help keeping it under £30.

stripeywoollenhat Sun 20-Nov-11 20:45:43

caol ila is a seriously peaty whisky, laphraoig is pretty peaty, bowmore is on the gentler end of the peaty ones.

FoJo Sun 20-Nov-11 20:45:20

Blimey that was quick, brilliant, thanks everyone. Am I allowed to have a bit of a snigger at Sleepyfergus commenting that it neednt 'cost the earth'? grin - peat based and all that. I suppose if I feel that i need to explain it then its not a good joke is it? blush

Thanks again!

BurntToffee Sun 20-Nov-11 20:40:17

Message withdrawn

Saltire Sun 20-Nov-11 20:39:20

and he says "Bowmore" is good too grin

BurntToffee Sun 20-Nov-11 20:39:04

Message withdrawn

Saltire Sun 20-Nov-11 20:38:31

Isle of Jura malt is good as well. So DH says, I can't stand the stuff, but after he's drunk it I often say to him he smells "peaty"

BurntToffee Sun 20-Nov-11 20:37:02

Message withdrawn

Catsmamma Sun 20-Nov-11 20:35:17

laphroaig is lovely....often on offer, and sometimes you can get special editions, which might be nicer as a gift, less mainstream.

Check this site

It seems very informative.

SleepyFergus Sun 20-Nov-11 20:31:41

Have, not gave!

SleepyFergus Sun 20-Nov-11 20:31:12

A really good peaty whisky comes from Islay, a good name to go for would be a Laphroaig or an Ardbeg. If you google them, (or Islay Whiskies) then you might find a special edition, or a limited bottling.
Doesn't necessarily gave to cost the earth either.

FoJo Sun 20-Nov-11 20:28:01

I've volunteered to buy whisky for boss's xmas pressie, we know he likes 'peat based' whisky but having trawled a few whisky websites I cant find one that tells me whihc brands are peat based so can anyone help please? I know its meant to be a wine thread but I thought this might be the section to try initially!! We'll have about £30 to spend. Thanks in advance

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