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Home brewers over here please!

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sweetheart Thu 03-Nov-11 15:12:22

Dh has expressed an interest in home brewing and I thought I could possibly get him some kind of kit for Christmas. He actually said beer rather than wine but I couldn't think where else to post this. Is the equipment the same for wine and beer? I have no idea where to start with this.

ElbowFan Thu 03-Nov-11 18:37:00

Yikes, its years since we decided to have a go at home brewing! Good fun, enjoyable results, but takes up space and can 'pong' a bit. (And it was before we had DCs)
There are a number of home brew kits available on the web so I think Google may be your friend.
Basically you just have a large, swing bin-sized bucket that contains the sweet hoppy mixture and the yeast. It has a loose fitting lid which keeps it covered while it ferments for a bit and then you can bottle it. It does involve all manner of tubes and stuff to get the beer and not the sediment, as well as crown caps and the like.
Wine needs demijohns and stoppers with an airlock that lets the fermenting gases off but doesn't let the flies in. Its these that go 'plop' in the night!
Have fun!

Thehusbandsatcricketagain Fri 04-Nov-11 18:09:33

I bought my dh a wine kit last christmas,this has now escalated into a factory of wine prooduction in the living room so expect him to get into it,that being said home brew beer is lovely

have you got a decent shop near you as our local one is really fab,helpful & they have tasting sessions grin

elbowfan,you don't need demijohns with the new kits we just use the same bucket,lid,airlocks ect as you said above & we have lots & lots of sauvignon,merlot to drink ourselves into oblivion put in the wine rack for guests to sample

dizhin79 Fri 01-Nov-13 07:43:33

very different kit, we got our beer equipment from Wilkinson's v fun making it, then works out about 40p per pint!! u can buy kits for different types of beers from loads of places

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