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Anyone made their own wine?

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Psocid Sun 08-May-11 09:34:33

I used to make it all the time, beer too. My favourites were fruit wines - strawberry, blackberry, gooseberry etc. There are loads of recipes about. One of the most important things is cleanliness. Oh and you need loads of bottles too, half ones if you can get them help too, that way you can open half a bottle and see how it is. Some wine which tasted disgusting that I relegated to the back of the cellar was wonderful 2 years later!

GentleOtter Sun 08-May-11 09:09:28

The homebrew shop will advise but all you really need are demijohns, air lock and yeast.
Here are some instructions

Elderflower is lovely.

MrsFruitcake Sat 07-May-11 11:06:58

Am contemplating a trip to the local homebrew shop and thinking of making my own wine.

Never done it before so am a bit wary - will it make wine I actually want to drink (I am a New Zealand White kinda girl - quite fussy!)

Any tips?

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