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Advert at top of page says 6 bottles of wine for under £30

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TrillianAstra Wed 13-Apr-11 11:15:37

But when I click it it tells me 6 bottles are £39.99...

Not that I have finished drinking the first six yet.

TrillianAstra Wed 13-Apr-11 11:19:21

It goes here

Ad at side of page does same thing (unsurprisingly)

PaganOfBologna Wed 13-Apr-11 11:19:49

Have you also noticed there are actually 7 bottles in that advert.

Clear breach of Trade Descriptions I think!

TrillianAstra Wed 13-Apr-11 11:20:26

Ah, I see, it's taking you to the first-ever MN wine tasting pack and not the spring pack

TheMonster Wed 13-Apr-11 11:20:43

Tut tut MumsNet! Tempting us with cheap wine and then tricking us into paying more. (not that I have £30 to spend on wine, sadly)

TrillianAstra Wed 13-Apr-11 11:23:49

There is cheap wine - click on the 'spring pack' link

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 13-Apr-11 14:03:16

Sorry about that - the ad had the wrong link on it. Should be going through to the correct Spring pack now.

TheMonster Wed 13-Apr-11 15:01:42

And to say sorry you are sending Trillian and I a case each grin


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