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Mumsnet Wine Club launch wine tasting 9-10pm Thursday 24th March 2011

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CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-Mar-11 14:27:28

By now, some of you should have had delivery of either the tasting cases you won in our prize draw, or the ones you ordered.

Inside your case you'll find six bottles which will enable you to take part in our first online wine tasting and discussion.

The bar opens at 9pm on Thursday 24th March 2011 with last orders at 10pm. All you have to do is find a glass, log on to Mumsnet and let us know what you think of what you're drinking.

We'll have one of the winemakers whose wine is included in the case, Heidi Seifried, logging in from her vineyard in Nelson, which is on the western side of New Zealand as well as Rowan Gormley, Naked Wines' founder from not-so-far-away Norfolk, who'll be on hand to answer any general wine questions you might have.

And if all that's not enough of an incentive, we've got three bottles of champagne on ice to offer out to Mumsnetters who join in the chat.

So whether you want to just try one bottle with us or open all six from the tasting case and invite some friends round to share the fun, we look forward to seeing you online on the night.

There's still time to order your case if you haven't done so already. It's £39.99 for the six bottles (a discount of over £25) and if you order before 21st March you'll have your wines in time for the tasting.

Cheers! wine

TWJ Thu 24-Mar-11 17:47:33

Thank you so much for the prize. Unfortunately my internet access at home is down (again!!). However, I did want to thank you for the wine. I have never won a competition before and this one was very well timed. Having had a miscariage the week before it was such a lovely surprise to have a box of wine arrive on my doorstep. Wine and coffee were certainly missed during the 11 weeks I had to abstain. The quality of the wine was all the more appreciated.

Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to Heidi. I suspect it is a marketing campaign that could well have worked on us. I'll admit to having drunk them already and they are wonderful wines, excellent quality. Although they aren't for everyday quaffing, I believe that they are all good value for very good quality wine.

The whites had lovely clean, crisp flavours, even my husband (who rarely ventures into the new world) was impressed. The reds were even better!


roisin Thu 24-Mar-11 17:54:37

I've tried one red and one white so far. I will have to go and check the labels as to which ones hmm Both were OK; drinkable, but not bowled over by either tbh. (Will hop off and find the details.)

Dh's comment is on foodmiles. Recently we've tried to buy european wines, rather than ones that are travelling half way across the planet. (Along with similar policies for other foods).

Does anyone else feel this way? Is there any justification for drinking wine from New Zealand, California, Chile or Australia?

NorkyButNice Thu 24-Mar-11 18:00:45

I think I consider New World and Old World wines to be completely different products - you can't buy a NZ Sauvignon from a European country, and the taste is completely different from a French wine grown using the same grape.

Terroir and all that.

It's not like buying British veg rather than shipping some in from overseas.

Hope that makes sense!

MmeLindt Thu 24-Mar-11 18:02:13

Can I ask about the whole MN wine club. I love the idea, but seem to be too thick - where do I find the "MN case"? Or details about the wines that you will be sampling tonight.

I live in Switzerland so cannot take part (I can drink with you but it will be German and French wines, I am afraid) but would be interested in joining the wine club to send my parents wine occasionally.

Can you tell us why we should order wine from you, rather then buying in a supermarket? I would much rather order from someone who can tell me a bit about the wine than pick up a bottle at random in the supermarket.

knackeredmutha Thu 24-Mar-11 18:45:26

Wines ready, taste buds ready....looking forward!

orienteerer Thu 24-Mar-11 19:04:48

I some how missed this onesad, I'd love to have joined you.....I'll pay more attention next timegrin.

LeninGrad Thu 24-Mar-11 19:07:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MadameCastafiore Thu 24-Mar-11 19:32:41

Have just opened second bottle - DH is a bit of a wine buff and quite often trades a bit of wine and makes a decent return so he is helping me.

I didn't like the gewurztraminer - which is the only one I had opened up until about 5 minutes ago - I have to go to a handbag and jewellry (sp?) party a few doors along but will try and pop back in plenty of time to join you guys.

OH DH just brought in the Nelson 2008 Syrah - is yummy - not too heavy and quite fruity and light - no whiff of petrol or custard though!!! DH will be able to be far more objective and sensible than I - he says 'not as much ooph as Bordeaux, but a bit punchier than Burgundy though unlikey to give you the hangover of the latter! Fairly typical new world production, lots of different spicey fruity flavours at a fraction of the cost of european wines no doubt'.

I know I will like the Sauvingnon Blandc though - my fave wine after those made with Voignier grapes.

Fillybuster Thu 24-Mar-11 19:57:17

Right, off to open the NZ Sauv Blanc in preparation for tonight. Only caveat is that I've only just got home and dh will be back in about 30 mins so I'll be trying to cook dinner and catch up with DH (about small things, like buying a house, massive career changes etc) at the same time as doing the tasting...something is going to have to give!!

LeninGrad Thu 24-Mar-11 20:06:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Thu 24-Mar-11 20:06:41

Marking place for later grin

LeninGrad Thu 24-Mar-11 20:11:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Doogle2 Thu 24-Mar-11 20:16:56

Thank you very much for the wine - it was a lovely surprise. I love NZ wines and I like my wine very dry. I normally avoid Dessert Wines for this reason and wondered if you could recommend one that isn't too sweet. Thanks and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! smile

SpitSpot Thu 24-Mar-11 20:18:38

We have tried the French Sauvignon Blanc and thought it was much more interesting than our usual Pinot Grigios. Really aromatic, with complex flavours that you could still taste after you had swallowed (sure there is a technical term for that!).

I rarely buy French wine but might have to try some more out (good point above about food miles also)

M44 Thu 24-Mar-11 20:21:42

Aotea Sauvignon Blanc

we drank this at the weekend with our roast chicken......deliciously fruity and very very drinkable!!! Would definitely buy it again....probably for a do of the 40th birthday type in June......would go beautifully with the summer buffet we have planned.

I will comment about other wines another day, but now I have a date with the vomit bowl and bed.....NOTHING to do with wine, I hasten to add. So have loads of fun and I can't wait to be better to continue drinking wine.......hideous bugs from school-such timing. GRRRR.

oooh must go.....

Fillybuster Thu 24-Mar-11 20:23:01

Mmmm....just started on the NZ sauv blanc.....dry, minerally, gooseberry, zingy...ahhhh! Seriously, just what I needed after the day I've just had.

Off to savour it in the bath whilst the salmon cooks - will ask dh his opinion if there's any left by the time he gets home.

<hic> I love you're my besht friend <hic> wine

RowanNakedWines Thu 24-Mar-11 20:26:48

Hi it's Rowan from Naked Wines here

We're just drinking the Aotea as well...with Jamie Oliver's fish pie.

Sorry to hear about the vomit bowl M44!

Jackstini Thu 24-Mar-11 20:29:42

Missed this originally as been working too hard to MN as many hours minutes as usual.
However, am a naked wines angel and had a couple of these in stock so had to force myself to open some this week grin
Looking forward to this...

DollyTwat Thu 24-Mar-11 20:29:55

I love the Aotea Sauvignon Blanc, there wasn't any left when I went to buy some!
Very refreshing, fruity in a zesty kind of way, really drinkable

CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Mar-11 20:31:08

MmeLindt - there's no case offer at the moment, as we were still selling the tasting case for tonight up until Monday. But watch this space as we'll be putting up a new case offer very soon.

JustineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 24-Mar-11 20:32:38

The Kimbao syrah-cabernet franc is lovely - rich, smooth, christmas-puddingy - but SUPER STRONG. One and a half glasses in and I'm feeling slightly wobbly. [Fear I may not stay the distance].

moregranny Thu 24-Mar-11 20:34:25

Thank you very much for my box of wine, such a lovely surprise,I have been feeling rubbish as having tests for coeliac disease, fortunately wine is not banned on my list of food and drink, yay, am just off to get a bottle and glass, back soon.............

NorkyButNice Thu 24-Mar-11 20:36:59

I'm trying the Aotea at the moment (with tomato and garlic chicken) - very nice although it's got what Dh calls an "eggy" aftertaste that he also picks up in other NZ sauvs like pioneer block.

Not as fruity as some - am looking forward to comparing it to Heidi's wine!

MmeLindt Thu 24-Mar-11 20:41:28

You are not supposed to drink two glasses of each wine [helpful]

Thanks, will look out for next case.

I have another question.

I was told that the climate is very important for the type of wine that is produced, ie. wines grown in cooler climates (such as Germany) will be stronger and more intense than wines grown in hot climates (such as NZ). I like fresh, lemony, fruity whites - so I should be looking at those from New World then?

And with reds? For fuller bodied wines, should I be looking at cooler climates such as France?

(I realise that France and Germany would be considered warm for Brits, but compared to NW or even sth Italy, they are cooler)

Have I remembered rightly?

moregranny Thu 24-Mar-11 20:41:36

Have chosen the Gewurzttraminer, best to spell it out now before I start drinking it

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