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The Wine Society

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TheSkiingGardener Sun 20-Mar-11 21:45:06

I love the planters idea.

<looks around townhouse outdoor space>

Maybe the next house. Or the parents might like those as presents.

BraveGirl Sun 20-Mar-11 21:26:53

I think every 6 months or so??
The boxes also make great planters for herbs, but I love the toybox idea!

TheSkiingGardener Sat 19-Mar-11 20:31:26

I don't live close enough to pop unfortunately. We used to have friends who lived near there but they moved (very inconsiderate of them).

I do need to get over there though, the wooden wine boxes make fantastic toy boxes for DS. It's great as he rummages for a rattle in a Chateau LaTour box.

How often do they do the bin end sales BraveGirl?

BraveGirl Sat 19-Mar-11 19:08:22

We pop over frequently. If you live close by the bin end sale is fun. We did a trolley dash with the neighbours at the sale in Feb, spending over £700 between us...whoops!
If you fancy something different try the Maury Solera 1928 - it's fab, and not as expensive as it sounds!

PestoSlurpsCider Sat 12-Mar-11 19:35:21


Highly recommend their sparkling Saumur and the Sumarocca as a very tasty alternative to champagne smile

TheSkiingGardener Sat 12-Mar-11 19:31:14

A stockpile of wine is never a bad thing!

I think I'm just wary of trying New World stuff in case it is too oaked for me, I really don't like it oaked at all. I like the fact that French wines are a lot more subtle I guess. So any recommendations for wines that haven't been oaked and aren't overwhelming would be good.

I was given the Wine Society's Claret tasting case which is going down extremely well.

As for whites, the Wine Society is expensive for the classic whites such as Chablis etc, so any suggestions on that front would be good.

Hardandsleazy Fri 11-Mar-11 16:45:48

Lol at south american reds - they give me a thumping headache even after one glass as do cahors. Do kiwi wines put you off as agree re most Aussie wines being too oaky but not so much kiwi or tasmanian stuff .

The wine soc rose nice summer drink- they did a rose gigomdas but that isn't always in the lists but look out for it. The kiwi Sauvignon blanv nice dry Friday night in front of tv. Vacqueyras a nice more earthy alternative to gigomdas.
I think some of other stuff we like not from them ( have a bit of a stockpile here).

TheSkiingGardener Fri 11-Mar-11 16:38:35

The Cotes Du Rhone is usually made by Ogier and is referred to as the House Red round here.

We love French reds, Beaujolais, Croze Hermitage, Gigondas etc. and French whits such as Chablis, Sancerre etc.

I was put off a lot of new world stuff due to their tendency to over-oak everything, but that was several years ago I guess.

Oh, and I can't drink South American reds. If I do I shout at DH and lock him out the bedroom!

Hardandsleazy Fri 11-Mar-11 16:27:11

What kind of thing do you like- red white rose? and thanks for
Tip as was thinking of ordering that.

TheSkiingGardener Fri 11-Mar-11 16:25:38

Anyone else a member?

We seem to be stuck on their Cotes Du Rhone, which is lovely, but I need to start experimenting a bit more. Any recommendations?

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