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SweetAndFullOfGrace Tue 14-Apr-15 08:27:07

How fabulous grin

Do you think it's for discussion of the finer points of certain vintages, or just for discussing the volume of consumption? I am all over the second aspect!

iwantgin Tue 14-Apr-15 08:25:28

How have I only just found this page?

I love wine. And gin. Obviously.grin

wishinwaitinhopin Sat 12-Apr-14 11:04:38

What in the name of all that is holy is a wine board????

Helliecopter Fri 18-Oct-13 20:53:54

I have only just found the wine board. I am in heaven! I need it, because I'm spending a lot of time on the property/DIY board and it's making me turn to booze.

Seems quite quiet...are you all drunk?! ;)

margerykemp Thu 20-Sep-12 17:29:50

yes how has this been on mn for a year and a half without me noticing?

NotShortImFunSized Thu 10-Mar-11 21:05:50


Now just to await my free wine delivery and I can slur all over the wine board grin Cheers winewine

MavisEnderby Thu 10-Mar-11 21:01:41

Oh bugger.Have only had one glass as wellconfused

MavisEnderby Thu 10-Mar-11 21:00:51

[WINE] [WINE] [WINE]!!!!!

(considers joining AA)

bosch Thu 10-Mar-11 20:58:10

Thank God I decided to give up chocolate for Lent again

<reviews day to check how much chocolate consumed and discovers that amazingly enough it's none>

Dh friend staying with us put a bottle of prosecco in the fridge earlier, I can hear it calling me.

Oh, but I need a fizz smiley....

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Mar-11 20:46:45

DH birthday so just quaffing some Chateauneuf du Pape.

AtYourCervix Thu 10-Mar-11 20:45:43

I love the wine board wine

but I am very sad it has arrived just as Lent starts and I am abstaining. So I'll have a glass or [ribena] instead of wine

Jacaqueen Thu 10-Mar-11 20:43:47

Hi Honey I AM HOME!

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