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What to wear???!!

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Crispmonster1 Fri 09-Jun-17 22:46:57

What on earth can I wear to Wimbledon ? Lucky enough to have received tickets through the ballot so it's a special event for us. I don't really make an effort with clothes usually so want to feel fashionable, comfortable and nice for a change. Ideas please!

Thegianttap Mon 09-Jul-18 11:47:13

I've just asked this same question. Have you been yet? What did you wear? I have no idea what people wear. I have a free ticket for tomorrow - I'm going with a friend who works for the BBC. I'm so excited.

PuddleglumtheMarshWiggle Tue 10-Jul-18 11:26:26

People wear what they like, just take the weather into consideration.

slovenlys Fri 13-Jul-18 16:46:11

Ha! Just logged in to ask this same question grin. I have tickets for the final tomo and can't decide if I should wear heels or if that'll be too try hard as my dress is mid thigh.... help?

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