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childminder needs to end her contract.....

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HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 11:32:02

My childminder has just told me she's got some sickness in the family and won't be able to look after my ds for much longer... she's offered to either work to the end of the month as we've paid upfront (which is her preference) or work out her four weeks notice as per her contract (which would be my preference).

I'm starting mat leave on 9th December so I won't have any problems with child care beyond then, but I can't decide what to do.

My mum could potentially take ds from the end of the month but it would mean cancelling a trip to see her family in the States she was planning on taking (she hasn't booked flights yet, but she was thinking of going last week in Nov and first two in December)

Obviously my cm would like to get to her mum's as soon as possible to help out, and I'd like to help her as much as possible, but I feel really bad asking my mum to postpone her trip to see her elderly relatives. If I ask my cm to work her notice period I'll have no problems because it'll take me up to the start of my mat leave.


HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 12:16:06


FiveGoMadonTheDanceFloor Mon 09-Nov-09 12:18:50

I would ask her for 4 weeks notice, seems a bit unfair on your Mum to cancel her plans.

Cosette Mon 09-Nov-09 12:24:01

I wouldn't ask your Mum to cancel her plans, but could you and/or DH/DP take a couple of days holiday to allow her to finish a bit earlier?

HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 13:14:29

Cosette, I've used up all my leave already... So has dh (we've moved house a few weeks ago and needed leave to get it sorted)

I'd really like to help the cm out... she's obviously desperate to get to her parents house and help them out, she was quite upset this morning talking about it. But also, my mum and dad have done so much childcare recently for us, I feel really bad about relying on them so much as it is.

The only thing that might affect their plans is that my dad is due to have a biopsy next week and if the results aren't good then they'll have to stay here to have more treatment anyway... but if it's all ok, then they were going to go off to the States.

Cosette Mon 09-Nov-09 13:28:41

You do get some leave that accrues whilst you're off on maternity leave - any chance that your company will allow you to take it early? Guess that may depend on how your leave year runs.

Otherwise I think the only thing you can do is say that at the moment you will need the 4 weeks notice. I don't think you have any choice - you shouldn't ask your parents to cancel their trip, particularly if they're having a stressful time of it at the moment.

HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 14:07:21

I've tried the leave thing before, unfortunately our rota systems are all automated so you can't take more than 40 hours leave in a week and more than 200 hours in a calendar year, so it simply won't allow me (next years rotas aren't published yet so I can't even put it down as next years leave..... soooo complicated!)

My mum has said she's happy to postpone her trip until Feb (she wants to be around in Jan as I have dc2 due on Christmas day) but I feel really guilty. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her reasoning is that she doesn't think it's a good idea for us to leave ds with the cm if her mind is elsewhere and she's worrying about her folks. My cm is 100% professional and I don't have any worries about her ability to do the job at all, but perhaps that's another thing to consider?

Cosette Mon 09-Nov-09 16:16:04

Would your company let you start your maternity leave earlier - is that an option that would work for you? Especially if you use holiday at the end of your maternity leave to bring your return date back to your original planned return date?

HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 17:56:34

I might have to look in to that cosette... my mum is so adamant that she'll postpone her holiday, she's now getting fed up of me saying how guilty I feel!

Cosette Mon 09-Nov-09 20:50:15

otherwise does your cm know of any other cms that you could try out for the week or so? - it might be useful to have someone if you want some cover later - either to give you a break after the baby arrives, or if you plan to go back to work later.

HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 21:38:16

I will definitely ask her Cosette.. I was a bit rushed this morning as I was late. She doesn't see it being a permenant arrangement, her ds1 has to be back at school after the Christmas holidays, so she thinks she'll be back by Feb, so ds can start going back to her then as we'd originally planned. It's just these two weeks in December which are killing me...

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