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Nursery school age

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LaciesMummy Wed 04-Nov-09 16:11:23

My daughter who is now 3.. started nursery in september. It is surrounded by busy roads.. and with any road i make her hold my hand as she crosses.
Now, recently, we've been walking home with my daughters friend from nursery and her mother.
Today, I went to take my daughers hand to cross the road and her friend shouted 'NO' at me.. and grabbed my daugher so i couldnt hold my daughters hand. I grabbed my daughters hand anyway and pulled her away.
This has happened a few times.. and im quite fed up of it, im thinking of stopping them walking together. Any suggestions?

feedthegoat Wed 04-Nov-09 19:56:11

I would (politely) tell your daughters friend that your daughter has to hold your hand to cross the road as it is the safe thing to do.

If this doesn't work try asking to her mum to speak to her though the first approach might prompt the mum into intervening and stopping her child anyway. smile

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